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40 year old Male
Last online over 5 years ago
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Sephiroth @lordsephiroth left a comment for John
Nov 28, 10 at 6:23pm
No idea. XD Actually, lots of ideas... no free time to implement them, lol!
lol yea im very odd i admit! :) I like kingdom hearts video games...and mario lol. But I like the old school nes :D. Idk i just never really got into a games. But im a horrible anime fan... I only know the ones I like. I dont know others lol. So where do you work?
ikr? lol. Im not in iowa city/coralville. I come up there every few months though. I would love to move there. I dont play halo... lol i dont really play video games much... yea iowa normal and the rest of the worlds version of normal is 2 diffrent things :)
so what do you do for fun?
Sephiroth @lordsephiroth left a comment for John
Nov 17, 10 at 1:02am
WHOA! You're still on here!!!! ^_^
Lilith_Kun @lilith_kun left a comment for John
Sep 28, 09 at 12:14pm
Allo Allo
Shayne @geibel left a comment for John
Jul 27, 09 at 6:55am
I'm a new member and I want to see everybody here happy so I offering anyone and everyone advice they need as much and as often as you would like. Get to know me peronally or don't, but if you need help and dont know who to turn to, you can ask me anything!