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sailor ukina shoma25

34 year old Female
Last online over 11 years ago
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odd inquarry what wal mart you work at
@ROCKERMAN hello :) not much is up with me... I just bought my anime detour ticket so im pretty excited about that... waht about you?
hey whats up thx for the add
HI HI! NICE TO MEET YOU! >< Name's Park Chae Rin! You can either call me Rin, or Misa. ><
Nov 21, 10 at 10:40am
lol, see you say you live in iowa and to me the only two places to live are in iowa city, coralville, nothing else out there jk. a girl that doesnt play video games but likes anime hmmm a tough nut to crack there :D how does that happen? yeah its nice living in iowacity/coralville although never lived anywhere else in iowa so my opinion is a little biased
Nov 21, 10 at 9:46am
hey being insane is not a bad thing lol, it keeps things interesting. which walmart do u work at i know someone that works at the one in iowa city i think she works in the gardening area. as for fun things i like to do watching anime and movies hanging out, playing the occasional halo game, guess im a bit normal but since we are in iowa going outside normal is hard lol
Most of the time it is, yes. But some other cons have had some really really awesome guests and events that are hard to compete with, XD.
Hello! Ohayocons the best con sorry :p
@Sephiroth totally and the best one!!! :) @ john its always good to meet someone... lol everyone at work thinks im insane
AnimeIowa!!!! Our home con!!!