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29 year old Male
Last online over 8 years ago
Abilene, TX
HI!!! Im JoAngel but my friends call me Jangels. Im an aspiring artist & musician. Im currently working on 2 comics, one my own and the other I teamed up with a writer. I want to be a comic book artist someday and own an otaku based store i can double a my studio. Me and my friends have started a small band call "Ukulele No Gewd" and we have about four songs now!!!! I do consider myself an Otaku. I love reading manga and watching anime.(I love reading Manga more ^w^)I also collect figures from my favorites. I love building models!!! I never knew how fun it was till about 3 years ago and I'm glad i decided to try it out!!! My goal is to get 4 perfect grade Gundam models!! Well, thats all that I feel like wrting down so if you want to know more just ask