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30 year old Male
Last online about 2 months ago
Lansing, MI
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May 31, 16 at 7:50pm

Hate how the site doesn't notify me when my friend requests are accepted.

edio @edio left a comment for renix4
May 26, 16 at 6:42pm
This account has been suspended.
May 16, 16 at 8:46pm

Someone I'll find amazing find me please

Daggera @daggera left a comment for renix4
Jan 25, 16 at 9:31pm

Let me clarify what I meant pacifically. It was not my intensional to confuse you but I understand I do not always communicate in a way that people understand. First you mentioned you choice of game play, role play games / survival /roguelike/ preference.
I enjoy these games too. I love stealthy, plot twisting, think on your feet type scenarios. The more the story of the game makes me think the better or the more opinions I have at my finger tips, well I am sure you g the idea. I have always loved games I also too love the idea of making them, however that Dream has become delayed.

Then another thing that rings with me that I don't really share very much you spoke about being a hopeless romantic sometimes... Through devotion..self sacrafice..having a very deep and intimate bond. I tried this on many accounts all my life, in fact I know of no other way to care for people even in friendship.

And lastly you said Another dream of yours was to live forever and create your own world.

I had a similar dream in which I wanted to share with everyone, the worlds in which I created.

I hope this helps. I didn't mean to imply that we are the exact same just had similar points of views based on what I read, or it least seems that way.

Daggera @daggera left a comment for renix4
Jan 23, 16 at 12:24pm

You don't see what?

Jan 22, 16 at 10:53pm

Any shy, quiet girls? Just would like to meet one.

Daggera @daggera left a comment for renix4
Nov 06, 15 at 6:59pm

Hello, ^_^
I have no idea if you will ever come back onto this website, but based on what I read on your profile you are a lot like me, of course minus some details like I am not a guy, or have brown hair and eyes, and look like I drank from the fountain of youth. It's actually scary. O_O;


Sometimes I get that way. I look out the window and just think... where did all the beauty in life go and is there a way to get that rush back

Aug 17, 15 at 9:22pm

My greatest love I wasn't even physically attracted to from her pictures originally...Then when I met her in person nothing was ever the same. I wish I could find someone amazing soon. Just enough to feel like there is still some life out there.

silverchiza @silverchiza left a comment for renix4
Aug 17, 15 at 4:23pm

Hey, thanks for the add ^^

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