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33 year old Male
Last online over 1 year ago
Lansing, MI
I am 26, Brown Hair, Brown eyes. Pale Complexion. I've been into anime from a very young age and I'm also a gamer with a rpg/surivval/roguelike/hardcore preference.

I work with computers doing technical support but have dreams of creating my own games someday in the near future.

One life long problem of mine is that I tend to look kind of young and can be mistaken for any age from 12 on. I usually have better luck attracting others when I let my hair grow out and have long hair. I have to deal with a lot of harassment and rejection either way. I can go through hundreds of girls and sometimes only find a few that'll talk to me. Most of my relationships have lasted fairly long. my last one was two years.

When I was in college a few people I met started calling me a Chuunibyou. I had no clue what that was..then I watched some related anime. I guess I am a little Chuunibyou.

I also am a bit of a hopeless romantic sometimes..though my idea of what romance is and what registers as romantic is very different from most people. I like devotion..self sacrafice..having a very deep and intimate bond.

I would love to have a relationship where both people feel mutually giddy/day dreamy/ happy about having each other. That might be unlikely but it would be nice to experience.

Another dream of mine is to live forever and create my own world. I won't get into that.

Love was a very important theme in my favorite video game series, Seiken Densetsu. I live by the words of that great tree.
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