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Yeah! Exactly! She has some mysteries to unfold about this apocalyptic world she is in. I won't be spoiling, though. Shhhhhh.
So, kind of like a death loop? In each "life" she has a chance to make some sort of difference before she dies again? Sounds as if in one of her lives, she manages to uncover a secret to the truth behind it. As in any media, such progress cannot be allowed without consequence. As a result, lead to these new, likely more horrifying than before experiences. Now, it's okay to tell me how wrong/right I am. LOL. I just like having my little theories
I'm here only to promote our books! :'D Come take a look! <3 REMOTE ANGEL is about a young woman named Alice Desangi. After a freak accident of an attempted assault, she wakes up in a different apocalyptic universe. Gifted with mysterious powers of an earth angel, she dies in unfortunate occurrences. She wakes up to relive that day again in a confused manner. Depending on her choices, they could change history. (Hint: the butterfly effect!) REMOTE ANGEL VOL. 2 focuses on Alice's story taking a shocking twist. The truth about one of her new friends is revealed! A dark past is brought to light. New encounters take place. Something is brewing beneath the surface, and it is big enough to alter their lives forever. The genres of the story are as followed: Romance: We have ships and love triangles. Do we smell a new ship? Drama: The drama's getting more intense in this continuation! Apocalyptic Fantasy: The alternative universe seems to be on the brink of end of the world. This world has earth angels, demons, and hybrid humans. Horror/Thriller: Some drawings may look a bit too creepy. Unsuspecting thrills as well! WARNING: There is blood and minimal censored language in this. The blood is a little worse than the last volume. There's sensitive content in this volume as it's darker than the first. The warning is included in the book. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/yenniefer/remote-angel-volume-2-a-manga-graphic-novel-relaunched
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Dec 25, 13 at 12:06pm
❆❅❉Merry Christmas❆❅❉ *<|:o) hoho
@forgetmenot EEEE! Well, it's available online and stuff now. So it won't be going anywhere! :D YESSSS. We love reviews! Goodreads reviews really help us out! @wei_ying Omgosh!! That's so awesome you shared on there! Thank you! :D And we reached our goal! We have the hard copies on our persons to sell at events like book expos and such! c:
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