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Tired of here. Inactive. left a comment for otakuwilliams
Tired of here. Inactive.
Oct 30, 17 at 12:35am

5 day ban. Nudity, anime or otherwise is not allowed. Next time is perma.

Oct 10, 17 at 4:19am

I've been dead for so long now Im back

Aug 04, 17 at 11:57pm

I need help looking for new animes to watch.

Mar 15, 17 at 1:40am

So when is the heart's reward things coming out

Mar 10, 17 at 6:46pm

That would cool though by the time you'er reading this im back and uhh yea I'll leave my name here Lylemasterlengend so you can just type that in the friend list, on league and can send me a discord link and if I do miss just I just send you my discord link that way we can enjoy elo hell together.

Mar 08, 17 at 9:30pm


fallenbeautyaries I was wondering if you wanted to play league together when your free? I'll message you my summoner name. I got a group I like to invite you too and I also got discord for the group. So instead of joining skype or whatever else is out there I do discord which is safer. Though you got 6 hours to join or else I have to resend you a new link to join since it changes, every 6 hours.
fallenbeautyaries left a comment for otakuwilliams
Mar 08, 17 at 9:18pm

Hey there !

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