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What you don't know was how close... duh, duh, duh. But no really, I live close to Arco where most of those safety guidelines for nuclear reactors came from. And the stuff they did with that reactor... scary. Let's just say that most of those safety rules came from trial and error. Of course they didn't know any better back then.


America for as much as I know never ever had any nuclear meltdowns or anything. It was russia since they never followed the proper guidelines in running chernobyl


I know I always hear environmentalists go on and on about be greener, cleaner, stop this and that. Which is all good and I agree to a point... but go after the real problems here and put your money where your mouth is. Let's make a product to reduce coal usage in China. But no it's all on us... I'll stop my rant before really getting into examples and stuff... I'm sorry all I can say is TRIGGER!


The problem is you cant do nuclear without the hippies complaining about the planet. The damage done to this planet isnt reversible. Cleaning up our act only delays the inevitable. You wont be able to change places like india where the beaches are trashed and african countries litered with pollution. China alone is responsible for most of the world's pollution.


Lol. in all honesty it's a great source of energy and when you consider maintenance ect. It's much more efficient and environmentally friendly than wind or solar


Nuclear energy should be the preferred source of power:

1) The funny green rocks are cool and we should play with them more.

That is all.


Now if only parents didn't send kids to school thinking "school will teach them" and actually teach there kids these things... well genderfluid might never have become what it is today.
There's been some crazy studies on effects of mother-father homes vs single parent. Or more important and applicable in today's world the importance of an older mentor rather than only learning in school or peer settings and the effects on mental health. But nobody talks about them, and we wonder why we live in a crazy world...

Feb 23, 21 at 10:57pm

Dude. That is indoctrination. Children mustn't learn political ideology. They must learn National history. Aka, Onin War, Sengoku and Azuchi-Momoyama periods.

Because children and teens have a very biased worldview about the world based on their little experience. School shouldn't teach kids what's right or wrong, that's their parents' role.

You propose that an institution tells kids what to think in the long run.


False and true legal immigrants are generally helpful illegal well you get the point. What should happen is tightened border control and easier access to legal status not blind acceptance. After all who pays for the illegals/undocumented Healthcare? We do. Look it up


on the same note this is why immigrants are good for the economy

more bodies spending more money and more people needing work meaning more businesses can expend

there are more Americans on welfare then immigrants as well, its just a racist lie that theyr a drain on our economy when immigration helps it


Hahaha small gradual increase? Food prices increase the next day. After all you have to pay the minimum wage workers who, pick food->process it->transport it->put it on shelf->run cash register.
Every business is already at competitive pricing any material cost increase will be pushed to the costumer me.


ok ill explain it to you

the increase in minimum wage will be a small gradual incline so that businesses can adjust accordingly. the bigger businesses will be paying more initially than the small businesses because they can afford it

when people are paid more they have more money to spend, which means the shops are making more meaning they have more to pay their employees

so it balances out

iv done research on this and the minimum wage stagnation is hurting small businesses, because companies that can pay more like amazon are poaching workers

this will help small businesses earn more revenue so they can compete

please actually look into this yourself