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22 year old Female
Likes: Females
Last online 28 days ago
Hey there everyone I'm Eris! I'm a lesbian/ tomboy/ transgender girl and I really don't mind people knowing that. I like watching anime, read manga, draw, play videos games,and learn how to play different kinds of instruments. Anime conventions that I go to are Anime Boston and sometimes Bokuratsu Con here in Vermont. I do like to make new friends and I'm also looking into dating. I'm looking for a cis women that's okay dating a pre-op trans women. You can find me on most plat forms and media sites as KittyButtons or KittyButtons8. You can message me anytime you want, you can even ask questions if you like. But I guess that's it! Cya!!! >w
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Blood Alone
Girls Bravo
Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls
Demon King Daimao
High School DxD New
Gurren Lagann
Strike Witches
Mar 31-Apr 2