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32 year old Female
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kuroyuki @kuroyuki left a comment for Kai_Katsuragi
Jul 30, 13 at 1:34pm
Hajimemashite Hi Kai! I saw your list and its great to know girls like you who were onto Gundam. You're few and pretty rare to find Yoroshikune
raymarg13 @raymarg13 left a comment for Kai_Katsuragi
May 15, 13 at 10:16am
mannie @mannie left a comment for Kai_Katsuragi
Mar 17, 13 at 9:42pm
Hi their I'm new, want to be friends?
Keep your eyes open, and be aware of the people around you. You may already have someone that is near you that is right for you, but you just haven't noticed it yet. Be open minded to the possibilities.
I just wanted to say that this can be a rather hard thing to decide...Sex shouldn't be something casual and it'd be best to keep it for after marriage...but, when you have a person that you're crazy about...I can imagine it might be hard to wait. But, it really depends on the girls. For me personally, I'm still debating myself... Of course it's best to wait, but... I don't know sometimes. <BR> <BR> What really matters is finding someone that you're comfortable with. ^_^ Sex shouldn't be a big concern, so long as the person you're with loves and accepts you. You shouldn't feel pressured into something you're not comfortable with. If you're uncomfortable with something, tell them straight out and make a stand. What should be important is if sex is important to you, not the girl. (Sorry if I sound like I'm lecturing...don't mean to...this is just my opinion...)