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I haven’t read a whole lot of manga and the ones I have I’ve also seen the anime lol. My fave manga would probably be The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest. I was pretty stoked when they made it into an anime recently. I’m poor af so I cant afford manga most of the time so anime is usually my go to. I like sound, and music though as much as I do reading so I usually prefer anime anyway especially if it has a lot of action. I’ll never turn down a manga though if its free haha. I’ve read some scanlations of manwha and manga before and e-manga i guess you would call it. Where someone scanned it and made it free though I’m not proud of it. I’m like a fledgling internet pirate haha. Next thing ill be doing torrents and stealing movies jk jk… unless.. jkjk
Heyo pretty new trying to make some new friends who are into anime too. Still gotta go through my list to keep adding stuff. You don’t realize how much you watched over time lol. Was reading some of the chats on here and you and the others are hilarious and love the animemes. Especially you and godspell you are both funny, gonna send them a friend request too.
Lamby @momoichi aw thanks! yeah hes a chill af dude, im sure youll get along great! have you read many manga? those are my bread and butter. if so, whats your fave manga? if not, whats your fave anime?
Is that discord still active with people chatting and stuff. Would love to join if so
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They were really trying suppress our power all along.
Apr 04, 22 at 3:39pm