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18 year old Female
Last online 6 months ago
Stafford, United Kingdom
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Onizuka left a comment for gothstitch
Jul 05, 19 at 2:22pm

Don't feel bad about your post. Its good and healthy to get that type of stuff off your chest, and let it out.

It really helps if you have someone that you trust that you can discuss your more private troubles with. But venting in general can let off a bit of pressure.

BurningHalo left a comment for gothstitch
Jul 05, 19 at 11:44am

Welcome to MaiOtaku! Hopefully you enjoy yourself here and find some great friends (:

Jul 05, 19 at 10:50am

Ugggh boredom

Baka Last one to post wins is lively and a place to have fun!