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Last online almost 2 years ago
London, United Kingdom
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Angelhart left a comment for getsuga_tensho
Jan 20, 18 at 7:33am


Sorry for the late reply, but I haven't been here on ages XD

Thanks for the 'hello' ^^

Manga_bird left a comment for getsuga_tensho
Aug 13, 17 at 3:53pm

Sorry, I haven't been on in quite some time and deleted all my requests before checking my
wall. (I generally don't accept people who just add without saying anything) So hello, and yes, UK based. There are more of us now than when I first joined, but still quite a low number.

Lamby left a comment for getsuga_tensho
Jul 04, 17 at 4:02pm

ohayo :3! nice to meet ya tensho-san

Killua025 left a comment for getsuga_tensho
Jul 01, 17 at 2:28pm

Hii, Thank you for your reply :D

It's so great that you now the best store in London for anime merch, thank you so much for telling me :) Now I'm even more excited to go there. I hope I can buy there a lot of nice merch :D It's bad that my friend don't like anime at all :( But I will definitely go there.

But it's so nice that your going to holland next week. Are you going there for work or just for fun? Sadly there aren't really nice anime store's here :/

Oohh I was wondering if you have watched Naruto (That's one of my favorite anime's)
I love Killua and Kite by the way! It was so sad that Kite died :(

Regards, Lotte :)

Killua025 left a comment for getsuga_tensho
Jun 30, 17 at 1:38pm

Sorry for the late reply. I would like to talk to you about anime too :D Here is my first question :p
Which anime's do you like the most? Mine are Akatsuki no Yona, Naruto, Hunter x hunter, Fullmetal alchemist, One Piece and many more :D

I also was wandering if you now some good anime store's in London, in a few week I'm going there for 6 days with a friend :D
That's why I really want to visited the best shops :)

Thanks! I looking forward for you replay.
Lotte The Netherlands

(Sorry for my bad english :p)

kagura666 left a comment for getsuga_tensho
Jun 24, 17 at 10:20am

Hi Sir getsuga_tensho :) I do not recall being from the UK, if I remeber correctly I as born and raised in the Netherlands ;) But I hope that's not a real problem. Hope you have a good time chatting around. What animes are you currently pumped for?

Jun 24, 17 at 8:26am

OK, so a bad start on here! I am sorry and apologise to every member in regards to this, I humbly ask that my apology is accepted and we all move forward. It's the first time I joined a forum and didn't know the rules too well.
I am super keen mad about all things anime. I'm stoked for season 3 AOT, how about another season of Gangsta?? Or bring back Giant Killing for a second season! (Best football/soccer anime ever!) I heard Hunter X is being continued!! How about that eh? Hisoka vs Chrollo finally?! ^^ No hard feelings guys and I look forward to discussing this things with you over the forums more. =)

Jun 23, 17 at 8:36am

28 Years old, about to leave London on a travelling adventure starting in Holland and ending in Australia, massive anime fan, favorites include Bleach, HunterxHunter, Death Note, Attack on Titan, Akame ga Kill, Stein's Gate, Gangsta, DRIFTERS!, Soul Eater, Giant Killing, Days, Tokyo Ghoul, Gate, One Punch Man, FATE STAY / ZERO, Deadman wonderland & Monster.

********HAS STARTED A REVOLUTION***************
There's a game called Underworld Empire on Android/apple store. Its a strategy war game where players help each other by logging in at the same time and working together to take out a team of other players from all around the world.. and guess what.. I have just created a unique and awesome new empire called ANIMExMANIACS (The x is tribute to HunterXHunter ^^,) It's going to be the place to discuss anime, recommend and debate whilst having fun playing a team game with really cool characters! =)
I'm an experienced player myself (3.5 years) however the empire takes players of all experience and classes (Assassin, Titan, Enforcer, Heavy Weapons, Terminator, Reaper, Sniper, Ghost!)
The empire uses the "line chat app" as well to communicate and have fun outside of wars, discuss anime, this is an awesome tool for helping to train new players and guidance if you're new to the game as well as calling of backup during a war. add me on line, ID is gav_mac10

Personal message me on here (or line) your ALLY code to join up or for help or further details.

Best wishes and I look forward to having fun and kicking butts in game!
Gavin (^^,) London, Uk