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♥Mew Mew Berry♥ @pandy left a comment for Day
Jul 31, 21 at 5:16am
Hey there! I'd like to get to know you and possibly be friends. I'm looking to get to know other girls who like anime to chat with and just hang out. I can be kind of shy too and also enjoy reading. Reading your profile it sounds like we would get along! Let me know if you'd like to chat more. What anime genre is your favorite?
Leafninjas7 @ninjas7 left a comment for Day
Dec 27, 20 at 9:57am
Hey how are you
zacharyw09264 @zacharyw09264 left a comment for Day
Nov 28, 20 at 2:36am
Wanna talk about Angel Beats?
Jin @jin67 left a comment for Day
Nov 07, 20 at 4:35pm
Hey, thanks for the add! Odd that I never got a notification for it. What shows have you seen lately?
foxfire1337 @foxfire1337 left a comment for Day
Sep 17, 20 at 2:22pm
ya i like the anime list you been watching the new stuff? few good cartoons out to shockingly
rhatalent @rhatalent left a comment for Day
Jul 30, 20 at 1:33am
good to know you can get away with murder lmao
FortuneSXIV @fortunesxiv left a comment for Day
Jul 01, 20 at 9:28pm
Surprised to see alot of your anime choices I haven't tried out in some form, good to know there's still something I can learn
Great anime choices
joshuastrode89 @joshuastrode89 left a comment for Day
Jun 19, 20 at 2:52am
This account has been suspended.
vintrixs @vintrixs left a comment for Day
May 31, 20 at 6:09am