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27 year old Male
Last online over 1 year ago
United Kingdom
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add my discord if ya wanna chat Neo#0335
eduuuu @eduuuu left a comment for DenionN
Jan 30, 20 at 11:21am
Well..hello people
black_roses @black_roses left a comment for DenionN
Jan 30, 16 at 7:02am
No worries, thank you:3
Dats the problem with liking anime etc, most of us are Otaku's. It's really hard to find people irl to relate to yourself. Most of us "Otakus" can only find people with similar interests in an online environment, its a shame. I've been talking with this girl online for about a year now and we have similar interests etc, we're just friends nothing more. We're going to meet in the summer holidays sometime. You just have to be patient and wait for that one special male/female.