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25 year old Female
Likes: Males
Illinois, IL
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Senpai left a comment for Ali
Jan 22, 15 at 6:09am

Your Inori cosplay is awesome!!! *o*

char left a comment for Ali
Dec 03, 14 at 11:23pm

I love your cosplay very well done

leonidus1989 left a comment for Ali
Jul 10, 14 at 12:27am

Awesome, sounds like we at least have a similar lifestyle going on right now. Almost finished up with my associates :D anyways i was planning on going to Daisho con (Wis Dells) and Con Alt Delete. If you plan on attending one of those or just want to chat it up hmu via the doobly-doo
~have an awesome day

il_otaku_22 left a comment for Ali
May 30, 14 at 11:49pm

Hey was wondering if you do any cons down in Collinsville like ASTL, Arch Anime or Arch con?

DirtyJerseyKidx left a comment for Ali
Apr 14, 14 at 12:20am

Awesome Cosplay

countryuin left a comment for Ali
Nov 16, 13 at 10:54am

Hello! Was wondering if you might be attending Anime Zap in Illinois?

Hoth_is_Cold left a comment for Ali
Sep 22, 13 at 4:09pm

hullo :3

dustin2692 left a comment for Ali
Sep 11, 13 at 4:25am

hey seen you watch shingeki. seen the latest episode? thigs are getting pretty crazy

dead account left a comment for Ali
dead account
Sep 07, 13 at 5:09pm

Hey Ali! How are you? :)

Are those ACen cosplay pictures I see? Since I live in the Chicago area ACen is pretty much my home con.

monkeydaizen left a comment for Ali
Sep 05, 13 at 1:48pm

guilty crown cosplayer!!!!! that is all lol

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