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Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Give me one good reason why I should live through the next year. Tech censorship is abundant, I can no longer connect with likeminded people anywhere, any alternatives outside the net are blocked off due to the epedemic. What's there to look forward to anymore? What's even the point? I'm so done with it all. We're heading to an Orwellian future, and I want no part of it. If being a shrieking social justice retard is the only way I can survive, then you might as well just kill me now and save me the trouble.

Dec 18, 20 at 8:32am

merry early Christmas


Well this week was shit. Lost a family member, and now my country's gonna go through another lockdown. My birthday's coming up, and I won't even have that to look forward to now. This year was bad enough already, so why not throw in a few more plagues, some floodings, maybe even a nuke or two while we're at it?


Just so you all know, I didn't come to this website to talk about politics or get into racial arguments. So keep that shit to yourself, or I'm blocking you. This is an anime website, not your political platform for propaganda.


2021 will be the year Shin Megami Tensei thrives.

lunalou @lunalou left a comment for bufudyne64
May 24, 20 at 6:26pm

Aaaaa thought I was the only one <3 I freaking LOVE it


I want Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition so badly... My favourite game of all time getting a respectful, quality-of-life remake... How the hell can I say no??


I used my gut instinct to deduce as much :P Funny enough, I prefer Apocalypse' gameplay, but IV's writing

Praxis @stazmae left a comment for bufudyne64
Feb 18, 20 at 11:39am

How did you know? 8D
That and Apocalypse.

Praxis @stazmae left a comment for bufudyne64
Feb 18, 20 at 11:34am

Shin megami tensei?

If so, yes! I've played at least two of the games so far and have started an older one in relation to it (cannot recall the game), but it's such a overlooked game series with lots of potential.