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Boston, MA
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OakMan left a comment for animationalstar
May 03, 14 at 11:12am

Your welcome :D Yeah Pokemon and Deadpool forever! Nah, you do awesome :) Oh yeah dragon type pokemon got powerful moves, hyperbeam’s my favorite move even though it takes a bit to recharge lol. There’s also fire blast, mega punch, sky uppercut, so much good stuff! That’s right win or lose, you’ll get stronger after each battle, but it’s better when you win XD Heh, Can’t wait! You are a fun person no doubt ;) Gengar is a great classic too, alot of fans like him. Thanks :D Zuko was the only character that I liked in Avatar, mostly cause he’s more in control of his skills to the point he doesn’t need to fire bend in order to fight. Plus he trained Aang how to fire bend, which is also the most dangerous of the elements. I only say that because when Aang fire bended for the first time, he lost control and burnt Katara. (She was ok though, she learned how to heal injuries with her water bending at that time.) Bad faith, I’m sure glad I didn’t had that growing up XD
Yeah, I mean if you want, I just thought it be better for both of us if we talked on skype. Heck, we can do that or do both Skype and Maiotaku. It’s up to you too, either way I’ll be chatting with you :D Thank you so much 0//0 Yeah, we’ll be alright talking non stop to each other anyway XD Yes of course, I’ll show you a pic lol. Yeah listen to one of their songs and tell me what you think! That sucks :( but at least you got his autograph, better make sure you hold on to that lol. Yes please do! Yeah, hopefully they’ve seen Blue Exorcist and SAO already when I show up there as Rin XD I remember when I asked cosplayers to share a photo with me, they were all super happy about it afterwards, so maybe I’ll get a turn at that too lol. Hey Lindsay, if you really would like to go to Wizard’s Comic Con this september, just let me know and I can set up a place for you to stay here without having to worry about buying a hotel room. Thanks! and no problem! Yep, best kind of anime girls...In my opinion XD Me, going out with Shura, that’s dream come true right there! lol. Darn, now I’m all hyped up for us to go do that XD Shura really is a strong and awesome character, like how she decided to watch over Rin so that he can achieve his goal :D I love the music in Fairy Tail, gets me all fired! Somewhere in the future I’ll take that class, just hard for me to tell right now from where I’m at in career choices :(
Yeah, Veku. I remember Gotenks going through that same transformation, they just didn’t mention if it was someone else or still Gotenks but different. Bummer, be sure to check it out whenever you can after you get caught up with your other animes :) Ha! you used my full name that’s funny! XD ( Aw It was alright, don’t feel bad.) I promise I won’t lose my talent, since you asked me not to. :D
$$$$$$$$$$$$ Better than that time with the golden magikarp lol. (Poor james though.)

OakMan left a comment for animationalstar
May 02, 14 at 9:42am

I’m glad we have the same insight on how family should be treated and how important they should be :D I also wish for the best of you and your family, and hope the road is a clear one as well :) You’re right, the past isn’t important, the future is what I aim for. Pokemon, for better or for worse, I’ll always be a fan XD Oh my gosh, Deadpool and that song, too hilarious to put it into words XD I never get angry when a trainer wants to battle me, in fact I always say bring it on! Sorry, sometimes I get ahead of myself lol.
LOL you did that so well! Yeah, probably because it’s also a dragon type that it can use flamethrower. Still awesome XD By the way, Since we can talk on Skype now, should we move this over to there or keep it on here?
Yeah defiantly pack yourself with lots of cure items cause you never know what’s gonna happen. Yeah! Sounds like you’re already a pokemon master :D Heh, I figured you were that powerful enough to be at least the last member of the Elite Four :P I would love to battle you anyday! Hey I’m not judging, so no need to apologize. In fact I’m glad to know you can be mean like that, it just tells me you’re fun to fight! XD Thanks, I always liked how the types looked, most of the ghost types look dorky, but compared to their final evolutions, they look scary strong! -///- I don’t know about me being smarter than him, but I’m pretty far out there when it comes to skill and intelligence. Oh yeah! another similar character, Zuko just didn’t know what he was really fighting for, all his life he’s been told what he should be and what he should do, something like that is hard to get out of. But I think Mewtwo made up his own mind sooner than Zuko did, even if it was for him to enslave humans lol. Sometimes I have to be careful when I’m on the internet because I don’t have free internet service, so I use the hotspot on my phone and it’s more expensive the more time I stay on :( No problem at all Lindsay, I’m just glad I met someone like you :) I’m also glad you liked my crossover render, anytime I make another I’ll be sure to show you it. Yeah sooooo many things to talk about. If we never shut up, I’ll be cool with that as long as I’m talking to you XD Yeah that’s right, you wouldn’t know there was more to a movie than just entertainment unless you knew the basics and elements used in making a movie. Awesome! I’ll keep an eye out for any big game events that I can take you to :) Lol, next time when we’re on skype I’ll send you a picture of Johnny, just so you know I’m not lying XD Yeah, he plays guitar too in his band. Eyeshine is the name of it. Oh wow, yeah you should of taken his picture that is so funny XD It really does sound like alot of fun by the way you said it, I just hope it’ll be just as fun for me :) You should send me pics of the cons you went to too :D Cool! yeah, It’s fine, she can send them to me that way. Yeah, those kind of anime girls are my favorite, I got wide-eyed when I saw girls cosplaying as them, they were so cool! I said I was kidding, but I guess I should know by now that I can’t fool you lol. I really would like to do that with you too. It was something I thought of doing once, but I didn’t think I would meet someone who would want to do that with me. Say what you want to me, but I think you would look hot cosplaying as Shura 0///0 She’s tough, no argument there lol. I do like the fight scenes in One Piece, but there’s not enough of them, so I side with Fairy Tail XD That’s a good idea, But I think I should go do another animation class first lol.
It’s ok, after I answered the third question, I had to look up the fat fusion guy’s name. It was Veku from Fusion Reborn. See? I got flaws too XD YES!
Hehe, why not appreciate one when you can go for all? XD Hmmm, maybe, maybe not...yet lol. Man you and I, I think we would make the best animation movie ever!

OakMan left a comment for animationalstar
May 01, 14 at 1:12pm

Yep! XD that’s how families are meant to be, no matter if they’re small in number, or got a few dents, always keep your family close. I’m proud to be part of mine, even though we’ve been going through some rough roads here lately...But that story is for another time and I don’t wanna ruin what I got with you right now :) Funny how Team Rocket is ALWAYS where Ash is, and Pickachu would be there like a sitting duck, out in the opening, just begging to be kidnapped...again lol. Pokemon logic kills my brain cells, (Hey deadpool! I think I know how you feel everyday now!) I do enjoy a good test of skill, makes it worth all that training and leveling up. That’s true, even Brock said that about Charmander. Oh! Like Gyrados using flamethrower? I thought that was the coolest thing they did with a water type pokemon. Yeah! But where would you be at in rank? There’s first, second, third, and then last member of the Elite Four. Don’t matter to me, facing just the first member forces me to go all out XD (But I’m like that in every battle lol.) Those are strong types indeed, they have the lowest weakness rate too. My two favorite types? Umm, Dragon and Ghost type Pokemon! Ha, if they made that game, I would be like the living incarnation of Professor Oak, but would that be good or bad? Don’t know, they haven’t made the game yet XD Oh rock on! I’ll give this a try then, Thanks Lindsay! Mewtwo, he really is an inspiring character huh? I’m just glad he found peace in the end. Yes, you must go see it! lol. Hehe, and you say I’m too kind? You’re just as bad 0///0 Thank you, for the over 9000th time. I admire of how well you pay attention to detail and display, and you’re honest about it too, something I learn to respect greatly for over time. Actually, I made a bunch of pictures using anime renders to make crossovers. I can send you one on skype if you like. I love crossovers XD Charizard is like the snoop dog of pokemon! Nah just kidding lol.
I’m glad too! Yeah since then I’ve been waiting by my computer for when I see your online icon turned on! (Not really...well sorta.) -///- No worries, yeah trust me, lots of things had happened before the movie’s current timeline lol. Once I see it, you’ll be the first to know I promise :D Just have to wait and see for now, but that would make this year the best if I meet you. Oh yeah, we gonna be talking alright, sooooo much for us to discuss XD I think it’s great other best known movie creators notice each one another like that. So many elements in filming, It’s awesome! Seriously? You never been to a live baseball game? Then you and I have GOT to meet up. I’ll take you to one, I’m pretty sure my dad and uncle would approve too. yeah, just one of those werid shows lol. Yes way! I got a picture with him and everything! this guy does everything! He stars in live action shows, dubs over a hundred animes, and he plays in his own band! I can look up to him :D Skyrim is awesome! I’m grateful as well, thank you again :) That’s all I’m really doing it for, the fun and the excitement, I just want to have a great first experience and then maybe do it again someday. Who cares what others may think of it, it’s the positive comments I keep in mind. Yeah send me some pics of Shiemi if you would please! Shura? Rocking choice! hmmm...Ya know, according to Rin, Shura is his type of girl...Maybe you could cosplay as Shura and I’ll go as Rin and call that a date? Nah just kidding XD Haha, that she does, but man is she strong! Yay feisty redheads! lol. One Piece and Fairy Tail I thought were two similar mangas, but both are worth reading and watching I just slide more over to Fairy Tail. BIG eating contest and then a fight later on! Brilliant! Gotta Burn Them All! (Johnny Storm:It’s catchy right?) Tails and mullets are what make you stronger XD

All three correct Again! Dang you’re good! Honestly, I thought the first was too tricky cause with that long of an answer. Plus, Future Future Trunks tried beating Cell in his Ultra-Saiyan form, but it made his body move too slow from the over swelling in the muscles. The fight would be never ending since Trunks couldn’t match his speed with his strength.
How these actually look stronger...Here it goes!
1. Nimbus can only fly up to as high as Kami’s lookout, and in a way, the lookout is right next door to King Yenma’s office., so It goes VERY high.
2. Yamcha was a Baseball player?
3.Gogeta, Vegetto, Gotenks....Ugh! I can’t remember the fat one’s name! He sucked so bad I had to forget about him! They mention his name right?

Yeah, the villain would be waiting for them there with artifact in hand.

Villain:”Why must worlds stay separated from one another? Don’t you see I am bringing everything and everyone together by accomplishing this?
Sophie:”The worlds aren’t coming together! They’re colliding against each other! Any more closer and all the lands will be crushed from the impact! No one will be safe when that happens!”
Villain:”Whatever outcome may come to pass, the result is all that I seek.”
Baron:”So you seek destruction? Had you said this before I would politely point out the foolishness in your acts, but this is beyond foolishness!”
Villain:”What do you know of foolishness cat!? To be trapped forever in a world that refuses to take you in? To be bounded to a reality that knows no dignity?” What can be MORE foolish than that!?”
Baron”One sprint ahead of you milady!”

Baron gently knocks him out cold. THE END XD

OakMan left a comment for animationalstar
Apr 30, 14 at 8:33pm

Yeah, it can be fun as long as you make it so :) Yeah, I don’t have much where I live, but my family is all I need here. You’ve been making my days better too :///: I know I’m cool, but if that’s so, then that would make you awesome wouldn’t it? Yeah, I hope it stays that way too, even though sometimes it’s hard to stay positive. Thanks :D We got awesome sisters, another thing we have in common XD Team Rocket, they never get old even if they’re in every episode lol. Oh I know right? Breaking entries is a normal and safe thing to do in the world of Pokemon! Don’t have to worry about being greeted by a gun in your face XD Yeah nothing is more dangerous than going in the grass without a pokemon, Poke’ Logic right? lol. I see rivals as a way to test how strong you keep your pokemon, if you got fire against water, fire could overcome it’s weakness if stronger than the water type. Yeah what a bunch of liars, beating pokemon in a week even Professor Oak can see through that bs XD Well thank you, you’re pretty smart yourself, I mean you ARE an elite four member after all XD Yeah they’re awesome, even back then they were. Games are getting better and better, won’t be long now before they make a virtual reality game XD Yeah it’s more of an RPG type if it wasn’t already. The new Jhoto games are my favorite, too bad I don’t a copy of them myself :( So I watch a couple vids on the gameplay. Mewtwo was just misunderstood, I mean, he wasn’t born liv every other pokemon and they all treated him like crap in the beginning :( Yeah Digimon the movie is out there in one of the top animated movies :D King Kazama reminded so much of a digimon lol. Him and mewtwo should go at it XD Yeah that’s werid right? a dragon and knight? How do you get that? Oh well, Guilmon still rocks lol. Yeah! Charizard, the pimp of all pokemon XD
Aye! We do! That’s why I ask for your skype name, and maybe want to hear what you sound like :///: Yeah Fairy Tail: The Phoenix Priestess is a great movie but you don’t want spoilers, wait until you reach the part where they are at the tree island to see the movie ok? Mixed emotions in Thor 2? Then I gotta see it! Wow I still find that pretty cool about Miyazaki. It takes a animator to recognize another's work :D Hopefully later this year we can meet :D I hope so anyway. Baseball is awesome! My dad was gonna go to the red sox game this month, but my uncle, who was going with him, was coming later on that week and my dad didn’t want to be alone, I couldn’t go with cause my job at the time was really strict on extra days off, and they fired people for that around the same time :.( The Walking Dead is one of those shows that will make you scream with joy, or scream with rage, but it’s a great show in my opinion XD Power Rangers was the stuff in my childhood, I meet the black ranger at my first con, Johnny Young Bosch? He was a pretty cool guy. Yeah, you gotta see SAO as soon as you get the chance. The animation in it was terrific! If you like games like Skyrim or War of Warcraft, you’ll like this one. Yeah the plot is a good one it follows how that could actually happen in real life if that sort of technology was ever invented lol. Yeah send pics whenever you get it done! Erza is an awesome pretty lady...Wait, you totally match her character! XD You really think that’s a good crossover idea? The last few opinions I got were not very encouraging...Who cares though, only your opinion matters :D Heh, I bet she was cute in her cosplay, but who from Blue Exorcist would you go as? Don’t worry, I understand when it comes to personal info like that.
Yeah, it really does remind you of DB huh? Yeah Natsu needs more power if he’s ever gonna beat the Dragon King XD That dragon is no joke, at all XD Eating contest crossover would be the best I’ve ever scene, a fight would be better lol. Nah no worries, I started it-Gotta Burn Them All, Rinamon! XD I was hopeing you liked that dialogue Rin and Goku, yeah they should. Plus, Rin can eat just as much as Goku can and he’s got tail too! lol.

Awesome! I’m just that good. Yeah it was a watch cause Bulma’s family business invents things like that. Ok here’s you next round, DBZ style!-
1.Why couldn’t Future Trunks beat Perfect Cell even though at the time Trunks was stronger than Vegeta was against cell?
2.What was Super Buu’s attack called that killed every person on earth except those at Kami’s lookout?
3.Name the two techniques that King Kai taught Goku while he was dead.
Yeah Baron knows how to make big problems go away withought breaking a sweat XD Lots of action indeed!

OakMan left a comment for animationalstar
Apr 30, 14 at 9:39am

It is :( “Real world” that’s like a golden word now XD Glad you agree lol. That’s good how your family influenced you in that way, it’s no wonder you’re so cool :D I only had my dad and sis to help me out, and they influenced me to be better in life. But that road is a long one, and I feel like I’m near the middle now. Tell your sister I said hi and to keep it up cause I got a sister just like her so I know she’ll do fine :D Lol yeah Annie Oakley, and then there’s Annie and Oakley from Pokemon Heroes XD Well thanks for the encouragement and Pokemon Fans unite! lol. You should be proud of your name too! I was the same way whenever I play a pokemon game, I don’t just go straight to a gym leader I enjoy exploring the places you can go to, although sometimes you couldn’t go to certain places because they had requirements for you to complete first before you enter. Besides that, you go to places that have puzzles in them and if you can solve them, then you find a rare item or a rare pokemon. I hated the rival trainers because they get the pokemon that can beat yours, but I did the same thing and made my pokemon stronger so it worked out :D I don’t know how players can beat the game in a week, there’s just no way. Maybe two weeks if that’s all they did was play the game, but I don’t know about the “oh, I beat all that in a week!” Nope lol. Well thanks, that pose was just for you XD I can be smart when I need to but that’s about it lol. I thought you would like that comparison, you’re just as awesome from the way I see you and the elite four :D Oh yeah, I was really impressed with their new 3D graphic system, they did great. Oh the plot devices! Yeah, I like how they were there to give the storyline more than just a pokemon trainer becoming a pokemon master. The one in Y and X got more meaning to it too! My favorite would have to be in Ruby and Sapphire, where either Magma or Aqua Teams were trying to make the world a better place, but when they tried, they ended up disrupting the balance of nature by making the sun too hot or make the water depth risen, and they didn’t mean for that to happen. In the end they meet you and decide to leave their goal up to you. Such an awesome story! But It’s exactly how you said it too. Team Plasma reminded me of Mewtwo from Pokemon The First Movie, they both believed that pokemon were being treated like slaves and blamed the people for that. Yeah, it does make you think in how someone’s motives can make you change you way of seeing and understanding. Mega Charizard was awesome too!
I saw Summer Wars on Toonami last year, I was surprised the same creators that made the digimon movies made this too so as soon I was done watching the movie, I went and watched Digimon The Movie XD Greymon, Birdamon, and Halsemon? Sweet! Yeah Guilmon I thought had the best evolution, from a dragon to a knight? Heck yes! Yeah, that part where Ash supposedly died almost killed me. reminds me of Fairy Tail:The Movie ending, but sadder. Man, that scene where all the pokemon fighting was defiantly nerve racking. Yeah Mewtwo was awesome when he realized that life comes in all shape and sizes, but everyone is the same on the inside. All three movies were great for me. In the third movie where Charizard shows up to help I lost it and I was like, heck yeah! Charizard came to save the day!
Yeah it seems like our conversions are getting longer too XD Anyways, Yes! Any song will do! I bet in Thor 2 that’s it’s gonna be, both hero and villain working together, that’s gotta be nerve racking too lol. I haven’t seen it yet, but I will this weekend. I’m suprised Miyazaki watched Toy Story I didn’t know that. 0//0 Well hey, You’re a fun person to talk to, that much I can tell and I would love to meet you someday. That reminds me you live in Boston? My dad visit there once, said it was a amazing place to spend vacation time there. Especially if you’re a baseball fan XD Really? Cool! They had their first annual event down here in Nashville, it was pretty big but it was all in one room, not like California’s Comic Con. Still they had tons of stuff! They also had actors from The Walking Dead, Marvels’ Stan Lee, David Jason Frank from Power Rangers, One of the Ghostbuster team members, alot of people! The cosplays were great, just alot of Deapools and Assassin’s creed cosplayers. There was a Domo one, even an Asuna from Sword Art Online, she looked great! I think you would dig it the most, maaaaybe you can stop by here in September when they’ll have it? :D Yeah I’m a newbie, but I’m making my first the best! I looked at cosplaymagic and their costumes look sick. Woa, you played alot of cool characters, especially Allen from D Gray Man! I wanted to cosplay him, but I think I would look too old lol. Oooh, I would love to see you as Erza :D Yeah I’ve just got to the part where Rin meets Kuro, poor demon cat :( Yeah, he’s just like me lol. I’m thinking of doing a crossover cosplay with Rin though. I’ve got a custom Kirito Jacket from SAO that matches Rin jacket uniform. I call him SAO Rin Okumura style! XD Wow! your sister cosplayed as Sheimi? That’s cool! Yeah I can’t wait to have all my stuff ready for it :D Hey I was wondering...Do you have skype? Or an iphone
Yeah, Mark can play both the serious and funny guy at the same time I would think lol. Fairy Tail is pretty awesome, The creator is also a big fan of Dragon Ball too! Natsu rules, I just wish he had more power ups like everyone else does :( Nah he probably don’t need them he’s awesome enough lol. Now the eating contest I would without a doubt defiantly wanna see on anime! Yeah Goku and Vegeta, funny how other mangas try and copy them but those two are still at the top XD Yeah gotta burn em all! Ah yes, have Rin burn those posers and then this:

Rin:”Please Master Goku, teach me the ways of the force!”
Goku:”Well I don’t mind training you, but...Haven’t I heard of that saying somewhere before?”
Bon:”Dammit Okumura, he’s not a freaking Jedi!”

So far so good Lindsay! Alrighty then my turn-1.Capsule Corporation in...West city? 2. Goku meet Chi-Chi (I can’t remember where,) while he was on a quest from Chi-chi’s dad. 3.She gave him his Great Saiyaman costume with a helmet to hide his face. How I do?
Yeah Vash lives a strange and crazy life, but he pulls it off so well XD You like the idea? Great! I think that would be the most common reason to how Baron and Sophie would meet, and the bad guys would fit the part too! One epic scene I can see happening:

Baron: “Miss Sophie if you would please, move onward to our destination without me, Our new “friends” here seem to desire a sparring match.
Sophie:”Will I see you when I look back after I found it?”
Baron:”...You will.”

The cat can fight.

OakMan left a comment for animationalstar
Apr 29, 14 at 5:41am

Yeah college was fun, I kinda miss being there now lol. Oh wow, so you’re almost done! And it sounds like you’re already set after graduation :D Oh yeah, combinations like that are the best I’ve ever came up with XD Ha, I know right? My family is a one of a kind when it comes to influencing me, sounds like you’re family is the same way :D Yeah your sister is pretty awesome :) Yes ma’am, you do have a cute name. Hehe, my name is that cool huh? thank you Lindsay 0//0 No problem! Yeah she don’t seem like she cares much anymore...I’m sorry :(
XD Ha, yeah good long hour conversations and that was only because they were all fans of pokemon, lol. I know that’s cool how the professors name are all tree names but Oak Trees are one of the strongest woods out there so I take pride in my name XD Oh I can’t forget the town names it’s really cool what you can notice in the games if you look closer to the stuff they have. -//- Yeah, I guess I am smart enough to be at Oak’s level hehe. If anything, I’m the version of Oak before he becomes Professor Oak:Wise, strong, younger man *superhero pose* XD I kinda see you as someone who’s a member of the elite four :D Strong and awesome to look at. X and Y were the reasons I got back into pokemon. The 3D graphics and animation were awesome! Plus, they brought back other classic pokemon way back in the other regions. I love the mega evolutions, epic! Scciors’ was the one I first saw in the mega forms. Yeah! it reminded of Digimon! I love Digimon just as much as Pokemon :D Digimon Adventure 1 & 2 were great! Tamers was my favorite, Guilmon was the mon! Digimon the movie was even better. That’s right, the sea foam islands! Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno I got them now lol. Thanks for reassuring me, If were talking I would say their names I just won’t spell them lol. Hmm, that I didn’t know, it makes sense to me how the three birds and dogs are related. I remember seeing the birds and Lugia in Pokemon 2000. and then Entei in Pokemon the Third, great movies by the way. See? There’s a few things that even I don’t know, so feel proud XD Oh yeah that’s pretty much the purpose of the master ball, to catch Mewtwo cause he’s so freakin hard! lol. In Pokemon Ruby, I used my master ball on Latios, he’s one of those rare pokemon that comes to you out of nowhere, so be ready to have master ball in hand cause you’ll never see him again after that, kinda like how you described that caught off guard moment XD That is creppy 0-0 That’s right though, Unknowns are letter shaped pokemon, that’s really scary...
Ooh you’ll do a run practice for me? Sweet! Yeah you are a great help, and no problem! Yep, that scen was genius, I had to do it myself. One of the guys I worked with is a comic book fan too so he bursted out laughing when I did that XD Yeah I thought V would be a good example. And you’re right too. Disney and Pixar? Yeah I say that would be good too! Toy Story 3 came to us reeeeeeal late XD Oh that sucked for a midnight premiere, c’mon people shut up and watch the movie lol. Yeah hulk smashing loki around was where everyone laughed at even me. Puny God XD You’re very welcome, and thank you very much, I’m really glad I’m teaching you stuff I know while you’re teaching me stuff you know, I feel like I’m catching up with important key items again when I’m reading your comments. Awesome minds do think alike don’t they? Yeah I can’t wait to go to a movie with you :D Yeah...But don’t worry, I’ll live, but those jerks won’t be XD I would LOVE to go to Comic Con! NYC Comic Con? Sweet! I live just a couple hours away from there! Yes Defiantly go to Wziards Comic Con any chance you get It’s fun! Plus, I’m going back there again this year :D You can’t have enough Deadpools though lol. Oh awesome! so you are a cosplayer! I never cosplayed before, but this year at Wizard’s Comic Con, that’s where I’ll have my first time XD It does seem like alot of fun and I would love to give it a try. Sadly I don’t know the first thing about sowing clothes, so I gotta but the stuff online. That’s awesome that you can though. Oooh I got a ton of favorite characters, if you what a list, I’ll give it next time. What are yours? The one I’m thinking about cosplaying as is Rin from Blue Exorcist, I think that I can play him very well XD Lol hey your memory isn’t that bad, I’ve seen worse trust me. I almost forgot too, What do you think of Mark Valberg playing as Deadpool? This is my idea. Haha, I know right? I got the idea from Natsu of Fairy Tail, he uses fire and lightning magic, and there’s a superpower wiki that has just about every power you can think of XD Yeah me too. Strong female characters need love too :D You’re right again on that, Hulk is huge so he can eat just as much as Goku lol
I would have Vegeta do his big bang attack on Hercule if I could...Oh wait I can! In Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Kenkiechi XD Oh yes, can’t forget about the bond Goku and Vegeta had with each other. First they were enemies, but slowly became friends. Funny how Goku saids how really strong Vegeta really is while Vegeta admits that Goku is a better fighter than him. Best. Team. Ever! Kai and Hercule can be consumed by Rin’s blue flames of hell HAHA! (Sorry I know that was too extreme) Yeah I’m right again! (Yeah I won't lie, Yamcha use Puar as scissors to cut them off so that was a tricky one for me to answer XD) Next! 1. Where do the Senzo Beans come from? 2. What did Demon King Piccolo wish for on the dragon balls in DB? 3. Who was the first person Goku became friends with in his journey in DB? There ya go! Answer well!
Yeah it does sound like real life but that what gives creators more time to develop their characters too. Well, Vash did live over a hundred years because of his plant aging, but that’s what makes him the best at what he does. I mean, Not everyone can shoot somebody without killing them. Man, I can think forever about how Baron and Sophie would their spend with each other, I know that Baron would be more talkative around Sophie anyway. XD It would defiantly be an adventure worth remembering! Oh I got it! Their could be fusing together breaking time and space, so they are on a quest to find an artifact that will help revert them to normal!

nonsmoking left a comment for animationalstar
Apr 29, 14 at 4:16am

just figured i'd say hi! ^_^ i like making new friends on here and you seem interesting. hope we can be friends!

OakMan left a comment for animationalstar
Apr 28, 14 at 3:40pm

Oh yeah, it was don’t get me wrong, it was a blast. Most of the time I was hitting the books while I watched anime on the internet. :D Yep, I guess that’s where I get it from:my dad lol. Wow, that’s pretty cool that your sister is doing two majors at once! Haha, I bet she is. Lindsay really is a cute name. Pff, I don’t think that girl has got anything on you. Although now she’s trying to be sober, she’s even making jokes about herself back then doing drugs and getting arrested XD
Lol oh you would of dug it the most if you were around for the conversations I had with them about Professor Oak. XD I only wish I was him lol. Sorry, I knew that wasn’t a fair question lol. kanto for anime and between jhoto and hoenn for video game? That’s a good choice. I like all three, it was after hoenn I started losing interest in both video game and anime. But after they brought the mega evolutions I got back in to it. Mine is tough too so don’t feel bad, I’m in between kanto and jhoto, just cause of their pokemon XD My favorite part was going to the islands where you can capture the three legendary brid type pokemon, I know their names but I can’t spell them :( But the journey was awesome doing! Oh! also the cave where you go to capture mewtwo after beating the pokemon league! in kanto charmander was my favorite starter, and jhoto was...Hey my favorite too! cyndaquil’s evolution was awesome, especially his tryflosion form. The music during the bike rides were the best! I loved the music more when it’s being played while you fight the legendary pokemon, really intense! Hmm, I should of kept my copies on game boy :( Do you watch Digimon?
Ah I see, nah it’s alright. Still, I would like to see what you got in singing :) Is there a song you enjoy singing? Yeah! go for it! I want to thank you too Lindsay, we just met and all but I’m glad you’re supporting my sis like this. I only hope your sister does just as good! :D I love that scene from Thor! I even tried that at work during lunch, everyone was like oh why you do that? I just look at them and said oh relax it was only a empty paper cup XD Yes the delivery was perfect. Uh huh, uh huh. I know an example for a tragic hero for that:V from V For Vendetta. Poor guy got caught in some jacked up experiment program all because he stood up against those trying to rule his life, and then had his body almost burnt to a crisp from the fire that ignited on the facility. He survived, only to set up a revolution of his own vengeance. Even though he succeeded, he was consumed by his own hatred, and gave up any alternatives that he had to make sure his plan made it through even after he died. like you mention, I thought this guy’s intentions were good, cause he was trying to ensure freedom to everyone who deserved it and not just for himself. But at the same time, I thought he was insane in how he was teaching Eve to be fearless by torturing her the same way he was tortured. In the end though he regretted what he done, and wished for another way out, but he knew it was too late, he couldn’t back down now. Yep, those are easter eggs, stuff they put in games and films, but they don’t serve any purpose in the storyline, just for giggles. XD The avengers movie was the best of 2012 for me cause I’ve been waiting for them to make the movie for so long lol. You know what actually you’re right about that! Whenever I watch the same movie a second or third time I get a better viewing at the details than I did the first time I watched them. You really are awesome when it comes to critiquing and film producing Lindsay! I also feel like you helping me learn and re-learn more about films and the amount of work in them too :D You’re very welcome, and thank you again! I know we really need to get together and go see a movie soon! XD Yeah I can’t wait to see Captain America 2, sadly I overheard the credit scene :.( But I wasn’t surprised since I saw a video of them annoucing the characters in Avengers 2 at Comic Con. (Still, those jerks...) Chis Evans plays a good super hero role I think :D
Deadpool is the man! Last year when I went to Wizards’ Comic Con, There a ton of Deadpools cosplaying! XD That’s right, aren’t you’re in to cosplay too? Of course he can’t, I thought you knew that, and you call yourself a deadpool fan, shame on you! XD No just kidding. yeah, he can’t really die although every time he heals, his lifespan decreases are being killed because his body heals and decays at the same time. But he’s already has plenty of lifespan XD Plus, Lady Death is into him, so she makes sure that he doesn’t die no matter what lol. Cool right? Yes! Lightning! I had a crazy idea that they should have a character who can combine Divine Lighting with Hell fire. What do you think? I love strong female characters too. I’m a guy so of course I do lol. Funny though I thought Thor would be the one eating more than the others but I guess Bruce was the hungry one XD yeah Hercule can go die in a fire for all I care. Yeah that battle was the beginning of a very epic saga! Vegeta is just as awesome, I thought he was better in the majin buu saga, because I got a full shot of how far Vegeta can go if you push pass both his ego and his maximum limit. “You made of invaded my mind and my body, but there’s one thing a saiyan always keeps, his PRIDE!” Heh, I understand that, after all Goku is a really nice, kickass guy. Hopefully someday I can be as cool as him (Neh, probably not XD) lol. Kai can go in a fire too, but I would be a bit harsh there too so nevermind XD
Ha! very good! As I would expect from a true fan of DB! Alright my turn! 1. Ginyu, Jeece, Buter, Recoone, and Gildo? 2. Tree of might’s main antagonist was Turtles, Goku’s evil version of himself as I like calling him XD 3. Yamcha? These questions are getting better :D
yeah I would think it does, in Trigun Maximum, it took a hundred years for Vash to actually learn how to use his plant powers in other ways besides a giant arm cannon. Yeah there would be plenty of conversations between the two, it would also be a awesome example of how two characters can coexist and compare their views on life. The cat appearance would be a more deeper discussion I would think because it involves more around to why he exists My first guess was Baron asking why Sophie doesn’t seemed too shocked about seeing an talking cat that wears clothing. She would just smile and say because she knew someone who was a talking flame, so a talking cat wouldn’t surprise her too much :D

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Apr 27, 14 at 4:27pm

Darn, I should been out on campus more :( Oh yeah, My dad named her after a character Julia Roberts played. I just call her sis lol. You have a younger sister? Was she going to school for the same major? Lindsay? That’s a nice name, I like it. No worries. :D Well thanks, oh geez you won’t believe how many people came up and were like oh, you’re name’s like Professor Oak! I couldn’t stop laughing after the 50th person said that XD(By the way, you’re that 50th person, so congrats! Lmao.) But I like it, cause...I’m a huge Pokemon fanatic myself. Which region do you like the best? Cooooool I wanna hear you sing :D She got your message, and she saids thank you, I know I’ll be fine. (I left the homework part out though, lol) Defiantly! Like In Thor, during the credits they were playing Walk by The Foo Fighters. (Awesome freakin band I must add.) And the lyrics to me, represents Thor’s journey in becoming the superhero that he is today. Unlike the other Avengers, Thor had to earn his powers. Listening to the song while reading the credits was like icing being put on the cake of epicness XD Right, I think genre is a must have especially when you reach the turnings points of one character’s view. Oh yeah, whatever or not the film will have a continuity is also something directors today have been doing recently, just like with what they’re doing with Avengers 2. (Which I’m looking forward to see just as badly XD) yep an alien was on the predator’s ship. In the video game world, we call that a easter egg lol. I’m sorry if I sounded like I was discouraging you before. It doesn’t matter if you’re quick or not to catch things while watching the film, because you’re there to enjoy it while you point out the important keys. All I conclude in a film is is it good enough to have it consider for my family and friends to go see too? That’s what I look for mostly. I think you’re a great film critique Lindsay, someone that I could admire for being. And once again, I think it’ll be more fun going to the movies with you :) I wanna see Captain America 2, but I think I’ll wait for it to come on DVD because several of the people I work with at work were spoiling it for me, and they talk very loud. :( I just hope it’s better than what I saw in Iron Man 3 lol. Yes. Robert Downey Jr. will forever be Iron Man XD Oh like how the guy who plays captain america use to play the human torch from fantastic four? Dude came a long way in that! lol. Deadpool for the win heck yeah! It’s the arsenal that he has that makes him stand out even more than the punisher with his. Also, he can’t die, even if you cut off his head. RyanRynolds did an ok job for him in x men origins, but for his own movie, I’m thinking of someone else...What to know who I have in mind? Oooh, good choices. I like storm though. Her power over lightning just makes her so badass. Lightning rules! Yeah gotta love those expressions, Hulk’s was just like I don’t care right now, I’m eating. XD Nah I’ll say your memory is good enough judging from the trivia questions you gave me, you got a great memory. Yeah the cell saga was the best for me. Future Trunks was my favorite. His fight with Frieza was what blew me away XD Who’s your favorite DB character? I don’t know to why they even made kai if it was gonna suck that much :( Yay I passed the first round! Alright your turn! Three questions: 1. Trunks’ sword was given to him by whom? 2. How did Piccolo become a super namekian? 3. What was Goku’s real father’s name? Hopefully these weren’t too hard. Gene Starwind was really an awesome anime character. He’s like Vash from Trigun, both deadly skilled with a gun (Both can also shoot power beam cannons lol) One of those lessons we learn in time, not in one day. Yeah! I think Baron would start off asking Sophie how she views the world around her...I think.

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Apr 27, 14 at 10:53am

Man I don't remember anything like that back when I was in college...Then again I never left my dorm room unless it was dinnertime or whenever I wanted to go for a walk or swim at the pool XD That all sounds awesome, I think my sister, Shelby, will have alot of fun. Thanks so much, you made me feel alot better about her being at school just now :D Umm...May I ask for your name? Mine is Oakley, but everybody including my family call me Oak for short. Anyways, Piano lessons? That counts as one. That's cool that you can sing soprano too :D I'll be sure to let her know what you told me, I'm positive it'll help her out with her doubts. You know I used to do that too everytime I go see a movie, I also enjoy the music they play while filming the credits. If you and I ever get to meet, thats what I would like to do with you first XD I think it'll be alot of fun while watching the film, I listen to you critique it. I'd join in and tell you my review of the film afterwards. The question is, are you quick to notice the stuff they add in scenes for a few seconds? Like in predator 2, inside the spaceship, there was an "Alien" skull? I know I am lol. Marvel fims have been known for that recently. And I LOVE Marvel just as much as anime XD Still waiting for when they release Deadpool's movie...Ugh waiting sucks. Yeah, I'm a deadpooltard lol. Do you have a favorite marvel character or favorites?
Yeah eversince the afterscene in Iron Man 1, I always stayed until the credits. The one with the avengers eating together was the best! Yes! Family food anime for life! XD
DBZ will always be my childhood lol. You feel it's underappreciated too? I mean, I feel it is because of kai, they cut out so much stuff on tv and I don't feel that urge of emotion whenever Goku or the others were talking while powering up. I feel like I can almost sense the tension in their fights. I don't think kai did that like the original did. i feel sorry for the kids who'll live to know DB like that :( So if I have kids, I'll be sure to have all the original funimation saga box sets so that they know what DB was all about. Hehe. Heck yeah, orginals are better! Thundercats were right next to DB with me. Both my dad and uncle sat down with me and we three would watch the marathons on cartoon network. Alright! first answer:Gohan, Goku's son was named after him. The dragon's name is Shenron, (Hopefully I got his name right lol.) And I think, in DB, Olong the pig was the first to make a wish from the balls. (He wanted girls underwear XD) and in DBZ, Master Roshi was the first to make a wish in the beginning of the series to bring Goku back to life. So...How did I do? Wanna have a go in answering my questions?
Exactly, I think Outlaw Star had more meanings because the main character, Gene, was overcoming his fear of space and becoming more of a leading adult. Thanks, that was the first that came to mind and it works for this side of the conversation lol. It's also fun too figuring out and listening to those messages as we watch them. Alrighty sounds good! I'll work on my end too to figure them out, I'll try to figure them out anyway lol. I already got down their conversations :D

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