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Richard Texmo

Last online about 5 hours ago
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Coco @yukiasato left a comment for Richard Texmo
Aug 19, 22 at 4:24pm
Hello sorry I thought I have talked to you if I didn't I'm sorry I got busy. I'm coco. Nice to meet you.
To anyone on my friends list, please ignore the toxic words and the friend request from the screen shotted individual. I say this not because I am spiteful but to raise awareness of toxicity.
I think this needs to be stated. It’s clear a lot of you don’t read bios. So shameful. And then to stoop to cyberbullying… may the gods in all their wisdom show you the error of your ways. The critical man is always quick to pint the finger, but he is little knowing he too shares their faults.
I have so many messages from her doing stuff like this it’s hard to keep track of it all. Over 1 year of it before I ghosted her. Thank the gods she got served justice.
Why am I not surprised? XD @hibarisan