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Harvest Moon / Rune Factory?


Does anyone else enjoy these series at all? I'm currently replaying RF3 since the release of Rune Factory 4 was postponed. It's my favorite handheld game.


I like the Rune Factory games, I've played 1 and 2 on DS and the one for PS3 though the one for PS3 is a bit of a disappointment for having the stupid move garbage and no japanese voice.

PrismMiracle @prismmiracle commented on Harvest Moon / Rune Factory?
PrismMiracle @prismmiracle
Sep 05, 13 at 8:54pm

LOVE HARVEST MOON. I want to get the 3DS game. ;A;

maura_breathless @maura_breathless commented on Harvest Moon / Rune Factory?
maura_breathless @maura_breathless
Sep 15, 13 at 12:03pm

Harvest moon! yay!

never played Rune factory but I am a fan of the original harvest moon farming series.

100% better than farmville.


Harvest Moon ftw, still believe the N64/PS1 was the best one.


I bought the rune factory yesterday for the ps3 :) while I was getting diablo 3 :p those games r fun


Yeah these games are a lot of fun. Though, I must admit I've never completed a harvest moon game due to the fact that i quit the game shortly after I get married. Kyahaha.


Give me the rune factory farming adventure and monsters!


I've played Harvest Moon since I was about 13. I'm currently replaying HM: A Wonderful Life.

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