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Persona 5 best waifu?

Oct 16, 21 at 8:41pm

I recently finished my backlogged Persona 5 game and man were there so many romance options it was so hard to choose! Who do you guys think is your favorite girl from Persona 5.

Give me your favorite, followed by your runner up. I'm curious to see which girl is most popular.

Oct 16, 21 at 8:42pm

The choices are many


The only answer is Haru Okumura. Self-made farmer and coffee connossieur. And low-key D&D roleplayer.

Oct 16, 21 at 10:01pm

i would say the beautiful and smart Hifumi Togo : )


I say whichever one you like the most.
When I first played the game I've Romanced Ann,Makoto,And Futaba also Kasumi too..She's in royal tho.
Ann has a special place in my heart Makoto is my favorite but I also like Hifumi Chan too and Haru they're all cute.
But Ann will have a soft spot to me. :)

Oct 16, 21 at 10:55pm

Ann, Haru or Kawakami, kinda hard for me to decide, during my first play through I kinda thought you were supposed to be with Ann because of that cutscene where Joker first saw Ann

Oct 17, 21 at 3:21am


Arc stayed true to his nature and tried to harem them all.

Oct 17, 21 at 9:38am

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Oct 17, 21 at 9:40am

Personally I went with Haru. I don't normally go with the rich girl, but Haru was down to earth, and the date where they drank elephant crap coffee won me over.

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