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Your Proudest Gaming Achievement

Trolling 20 ranked games with singed and still didn't get banned
Civ 3 used to play my IT game when I was younger. I eventually picked up on how to mod it. I made a custom scenario with one generic faction from the base game and like 3 other supernatural factions. (Due my horrible attempt at balance) Damn game went on for three whole months! Literally would only play civ 3 and do basic stuff you need to live/not be gross every day. Map was an absolute dumpster fire when it was over. Pollution everywhere from nuking that continent off the face of the map.
So update on Proudest gaming achievement, finally beating that shitty grind simulator called nier replicant. Who else do you know spends 8 hours grinding for one item. The RNG is like playing the lottery irl and trying to win 5 times. Got my plat trophy tho
For Retro gaming: Digging up the whole Dig Dug screen...Taken me like 5 days. Modern: Trying to 100% a few of my favorites games I know which ones I wanna do...
Beating my then boyfriend in Tekken 4 back when he was already playing like a pro for years and I just started to even play on a playstation for a week x,D http://pa1.narvii.com/6679/655fb2468fea3b35de854351b261611aeb1e22b4_00.gif
Getting a galagoogoo in Viva Pinata
Nov 01, 21 at 11:11pm
Finishing Level 1 Critical Mode on Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix
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