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Genshin Impact

Oct 10, 20 at 5:25am

Top tier wife’s


Aight, so Genshin Impact's at 70%, Imma revise my test now. Go to class in a few minutes. Come back in 3 hours. Lay on my bed. And play Genshin Impact till I drop.

Oct 10, 20 at 8:22am


I come back from class to see this. Aw yeah Genshin time.


So I downloaded Genshin Impact on my phone. I'm deleting it. It's unplayable for me. My phone can't handle it. It runs like ass.

Oct 11, 20 at 7:54pm

Played a bit, but it's not really my cup of tea. It's certainly a nice looking game, but I thought it was a bit dull. I'll stick with it a bit longer but I probably wont get too far with it.

Oct 11, 20 at 8:50pm

When does the game get fun?

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