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Genshin Impact


Not enjoying it? How far are you into it because I have not tried it out.

Oct 11, 20 at 8:54pm

5 hours. I like the exploration but fuck that it limits where you can go. For the size of the game the mechanics get repetitive fast. Plus visuals are borin for me.


That sucks, so how does it limit you exploration wise?

Oct 11, 20 at 9:00pm

You go to an area that's red on the map and when u cross into it you lose control of your character and are forced to walk out.


Ah that's pretty gay

Oct 11, 20 at 9:02pm

Lol yeah not my taste. It's fine for a free gacha game.


Well the red areas you are flaming you cant progress because you need to continue the story. Like every other normal rpg game ever. Imagine you play FF and rushing to the end boss with level 2. Sounds legit innit?

The map is massive and what we get for a free to play game is over the top. If we're looking back to Tera, Metin 2, Blood& Soul, Archage... aint the same good quality as genshin impact. Also the fact it is a gatcha game afterall. But the gatcha system is only content means no benefits at all. There aint even pvp to compete if that matter.

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