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Genshin Impact

Dec 19, 20 at 10:15pm

Dec 19, 20 at 10:19pm


Well are you not just the luckiest. I have no such fortune therefore I have zero hope of receiving any rare time sensitive assets in Genshin without cutting Mihoyo a blank check.

This is the very real problem of such companies playing up the "we are fair to our players" bullshiz. They most certainly are not.

I recently went to their official website to see if I could find anymore promo codes and was greeted by the most distasteful showing of a rich business acting like a victim.

Apparently recent leaks as well as data mining from concerned consumers is now being threatened with legal force by Mihoyo.

True that a company does have the law of contracts on its side to withhold information from the public, yet it is a dirty tactic none the less. Especially from such a successful industry.

No matter how much cash flows in it is never enough. They boast about caring for its community like it was a "family" however all over their website are blatant threats to cancel or ban "paying" members of its services as "thieves" disrupting its business as well as "ruining" other players game experience. How can a single player game be ruined by information providing insight to future purchase?

When a price tag is upwards of $1200 to max out just 1 character?

I feel that a customer has the right to stay informed. Double so if the company is not beyond locking out said paying players from content because the company merely wishes to do so for its soul benefit.

Mihoyo, change your ways or be crushed upon the rocks of greed!

Dec 19, 20 at 10:25pm

Dec 21, 20 at 2:20am

I stopped playing this like 2 months ago after putting $60 into it for wishes just in a pathetic attempt to get Jean and got a 3rd Suckrose and 4 star weapons instead. Best gaming decision I ever made!


I wish all I spent on this game was $60...

*looks at his empty bank account and maxed out credit card bill*

Dec 21, 20 at 8:52am

lmao!! XD


@wasistdas @amir_bahram

Here is another free code. I do not know the expiration date, but Mihoyo had another stream today and were handing out more primogems.


Dec 26, 20 at 2:26pm

Gabriel, you've been upgraded from a straight A sucka to a AAA sucka!

Dec 26, 20 at 11:43pm

Gabriel, it's OK to admit you have an addiction to Wishes and need help. I recommend checking yourself in at Pastiches Malibu Rehabilitation Center and ask for Doctor Champ!

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