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Genshin Impact


I just saw the Qiqi trailer and is that Muhfuckin Yuri Lowenthal narrating it?


I still play and just hit AR 25. Never spent money on gacha in my life though and never will. F2P for life

Jan 30, 21 at 9:15am

You can get good stuff if you save up primos for decent banners.


I have some questions about Genshin Impact:

1. Are the Gacha Mechanics fair and not EA-Loot Box Level?
2. Can you earn stuff as rewards for beating bosses and completing missions?
3. Can you unlock characters without buying them with real money?
4. Which version perfoms the best? App, PC, or PS4?


1. No, FIFA and such are games that have a gacha system as more of an addon. Genshin Impact is heavily focused on the gacha since thats where you'll pull units. The only saving grace the game has with its gacha system is that it grants you the highest rarity every 75-90 pulls.

2. The game revolves around the freemium currency to pull the gacha which you get a little bit of everywhere. Bosses in this game only give artifacts aka gear pieces that you put on your characters which tbh is where most of the strength comes from. Game has mundane daily missions that give you a small bit of freemium currency to keep you playing.

3. You can unlock characters without paying a penny but you wont be able to get every single one of them. Game is still easily played as a completely f2p player and tbh is worth it just for the initial experience alone since its free.

4. Ofcourse depends on your PC and Phone. But any PC from recent years will run better than a phone and ps4. And any flagship phone from the last 3 years will run it too


Me: I won’t kin from this game



Apr 10, 21 at 9:16pm

Me: I don't play gambling games that use real world currency.

Sucrose: Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II!

Me: You want me to charge all 7 credit cards to their max limit? DONE!

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