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Favorite Anime game?


Dark Cloud 2?


Ive been thinking about that game for years and now I cant sleep.

May 06, 20 at 2:36pm

Anime looking game? Fire Emblem

Game based on an anime? uuuuuuhhhhhh.......... nothing comes to mind. FighterZ I guess.


I love pretty much every single Sailor Moon arcade-themed beat-em-up which was featured on the Super Nintendo platform.
Then I love the Puella Magi spin-off called "Grief Syndrome" on the PC, along with the Vocaloid spin-off called "Miku'n Pop".
And that's enough for me.


"Anime game" refers to two differences: based on a manga/anime or in the style of the genre, but not based on any.


I like "My Hero One's Justice" That was the game that got me into anime. I don't know if this counts (pretty sure it doesn't), but I really like the Kingdom Hearts series. I also like Gravity Rush!

May 20, 20 at 2:29am

Definitely Dragon Ball FighterZ, Blazblue, and Persona 4 Golden


Rugrats Adventure is far and away my favorite anime game.
The art is gorgeous compared to what we have today and the story line is compelling beyond belief. Something about the charm of those old CD games is just so much better than any VN today I think. I only wish it had gotten a better anime adaptation... :(


Street Fighter 2 , I consider that an anime game.

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