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Favorite Anime game?


I’m just curious what everyone’s favorite anime games are? I’m looking to play some more anime games?

My favorite game is the Sakura Taisen series.


The Persona series is pretty good. Valkyria Chronicles is also fun.

May 04, 20 at 10:05am

Blue Protocol just ended their closed beta, played it for a while and tbh it looks like it could be the next big anime MMO
Aside from that, the Tales of series, Dragon Quest VIII, DBFZ and DB budokai tenkaichi 3

May 04, 20 at 10:20am

I dont play anime games much, but I still play fighterz to this day, so I guess it is my favourite


Jump Ultimate Stars. Best Jump game ever that is quite fun to emulate to this day.


Ni no Kuni I think... I love the Ghibli style around that game together with the story and challenging combat system


Hands down, Dragon Ball FighterZ.

May 06, 20 at 1:12pm

Persona 5 is my favorite, I loved it so much I even got a tattoo sleeve of the characters done! Currently going back to play Persona 4 Golden to see how it lives up!


If we are talking a game based off of an anime, I have to say Record of the Lodoss War on Dreamcast. I know it's not a great game by any means, but it is somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine.


I used to play it on my PS2. I dont remember the game, But I do remember the main character was a blond kid. He had a stick as a weapon and it came out of his hand. He was accompanied by this girl and thats all i remember. Plus there were these spirit things.

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