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7 Days to Die


I wouldnt mind joining once Im off the clock. HMU

Mar 19, 21 at 7:44pm

@shinkutsume You are not too late yet... we on the 7th day
Right, @verucassault

Altho i call it quits for today the server will be open 24/7.


Yeah and I played so much I need a break for the evening, but will play tomorrow if anyone wants to.

Mar 19, 21 at 7:50pm

is it hard to play?


It's fun to play 8P


I mean.. you might die, but it will be fun. Right now starvation is a real issue.


BUT, if we get enough people playing, maybe take over a fort or a prison or something and plant crops, we shall be able to feed our commune.

Mar 19, 21 at 7:53pm

I meant like in terms of gameplay and whatnot lol
I'll probably watch a video of it but just want to get ur opinions


I think so. I mean there's always a learning curve with anything new you start, but give it an hour or two and you'll have it all figured out. I use a PS4 controller to play and don't have any problems. I don't know how gameplay is for keyboard people tho. Playing solo is difficult. Playing with buddies definitely has its advantages. I asked Jesper to start it off as a default cookie cutter game. So it's default settings with the default game map Navezgane.



It's like Minecraft but less boxy and in a zombie apocalypse.

That's basically what it's like. I imagine it's very similar to Minecraft in gameplay. It's definitely collecting resources and crafting type game. I only played Minecraft for like.. 30 mins before.

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