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What game do you think needs a remake?


The only remakes which I loved were Wolfenstein 3-D/Spear of Destiny and Space Quest 1 VGA.
Those were necessary and not redundant.
Because 1980ies technology was too abstract while 1990ies was so liberating.


@dyadka Updated graphics, sound, smoother controls, better optimization for current day PCs if it's a PC game stuff like that. It's all personal preference but in the end there's really no reason to be against it. If it ends up being shit then you can just keep playing the original, if it ends up being good or possibly even better then you got another way to experience/enjoy the game/series.

Not to mention console gamers don't have as much access to mods as the PC community.

@bliss Then you're not their target audience. You didn't want a new DOOM and that's fine. There's quite a good amount of people that were born post 1995 and hadn't tried out the OG DOOM games so this would be a new experience for them. Nothing wrong with that.


The OG games still exist, its not like they wiped them out of existence, they still exist and can be played by everyone
And heck sometimes the newer games allow a new fan to go back to play the older games and find new appreciation for what had came before

Thats what happened with me and Fallout, I started on 3, granted it wasn't a remake but I went back to play the older games in the series and fell in love with the first game, easily becoming one of my top 10 games of time

retrocognition @retrocognition commented on What game do you think needs a remake?
retrocognition @retrocognition
May 04, 20 at 9:29pm

Ace Combat 4, 5, or Zero. I think Ace Combat 4 would be beautiful in more modern graphics.


Some Tales of games... They were rushed or lackluster and really deserve a better version.


I would pay for a rerelease in the west of the original Sakura Taisen games from Sega with English translation

lancerismad @lancerismad commented on What game do you think needs a remake?
lancerismad @lancerismad
May 05, 20 at 10:58pm

Darkwatch ... it was made for the ps2 I remember it was extremely fun with a somewhat good story it was also made by the same people who made the 2006 deadpool game.. so I would really want to see new darkwatch for pc


Sounds dumb probably, but a Res 2 treatment with OG Metal gear solid.

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