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What game do you think needs a remake?


Where is my Okage Shadow King remake?


damn am I the only one in need for a Black&White remake? I had so much playing those games back then


A remake of the first or second Alien vs Predator game would be dope. The second will probably never happen due to licensing issues, but Xenos rushing at you down hallways or through vents like in the first game would be even more terrifying with a modern coat of paint.


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Avp2 by Sierra remake would be amazing I’d be down. Sierra went out of business but the studio was bought by activision I believe. Though interestingly both properties belong to Disney now


Sierra did the publishing for AvP 2, but Monolith (who also did FEAR) developed it. To my understanding, Monolith was purchased by Warner Bros., which is a major issue for even a re-release of the game since Alien and Predator are Disney/Fox franchises. I was replaying the Marine campaign of the second game recently and while it holds up really well fun wise, support for modern resolutions and a mouse fix would go a long way for it.


Skies of Arcadia needs some love big time.


Halo 4 and 5 need a remake

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Give me a remake of any Kinnikuman game.

It's hard to find any good wrestling game these days.

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