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What is the best video game to play in 2019


It's also the 20th anniversary of Spyro 2


Spyro Trilogy launched on Switch and Steam next month.

As for best game to play in 2019, that is going to wildly vary by personal taste. My current favorite series is the Tails series, which is (presently) a 9 game long interconnected narrative. The overall story is said to be roughly 60% done at this point. But not everyone likes jrpgs, so its only something I can recommend to fans of the genre.


I remember playing EDF4 with friends the entire weekend. We were high as fuck, but still manage to clear the level somehow


ELDEN RING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to no life
Wonder how my gf gonna take it I don't think it will be online so no coop nevermind she gonna be at work anyway and I will have online classes so I'm free to play I can't wait


EDF 4.1 is amazing and so worth playing to the end many times over! :D

Elden Ring looks like it'll be pretty amazing - Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin would be a match made in heaven so fingers crossed it'll be a blast!


@InfernalMonsoon the game is gonna be lit but I fear for the ending dark souls always had vague endings and game of thrones ending was terrible this ending about to be troll as fuck but I hope they prove me wrong

Aug 15, 19 at 2:41pm

Uhhh how about the good old games we still love and enjoy. Like Skyrim.

Aug 15, 19 at 2:44pm

Looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077


oregon trail

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