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What system do you peeps have?

Jul 17, 19 at 11:34am

I have a gaming PC and a Switch. I do have an Xbox One, but it's gathering dust.

Jul 17, 19 at 11:35am

I mostly play on my computer, but i also own a PlayStation 1,2,3 and 4 ~

llemurr commented on What system do you peeps have?
Jul 17, 19 at 11:35am

I want a switch, atm I'm Master race and classic consoles. Still got my xbox, gamecube, playstation and PS2

Jul 17, 19 at 11:39am

Man, I gotta gather the money so I can get me a gaming PC! I wanna join the Master Race! There's so many things I wanna play... Especially Nekopara! Haha.

llemurr commented on What system do you peeps have?
Jul 17, 19 at 11:41am

Cost me about £800 to build my pc, but I went for high CPU and ram for audio editing capabilities.

Jul 17, 19 at 11:55am

i wasted around 2k or more on mine :o. not necessary at that time. but on the long run i still think its worth it.

Jul 17, 19 at 11:57am

you can play nekopara with a potato...

Jul 17, 19 at 12:00pm

Isn't Nekopara on switch? And I'm also PC sorry :x

Jul 17, 19 at 12:12pm

Well yes I know lol. Cause I can play DDLC on my Potato PC haha.


Other than PC and smartphone, I have from oldest to newest...

* The original 30 year old white Nintendo Game Boy (won't turn on by battery nor AC adapter. Needs soldering.)
* Super NES
* Fujitsu FM TOWNS II HR desktop (PSU still shuts off after a few minutes turning it on. Replacing the unlabeled IC51 chip necessary? And Re-replacing capacitors? Do schematics still exist?)
* Virtual Boy (static lines occur in middle of screen during gameplay. Needs soldering in its lenses.)
* Nintendo 64 (original I had to afford by cashing in a bunch of rolled-up pocket change.)
* Nintendo GameCube (bought during initial release date during a meteor shower at a now-closed Media Play)
* GBA SP (worn out)
* XBox 360 (original white model)
* DS Lite (part of hinge damaged and won't stay in any middle angle)
* PS3 (original black model)
* Wii (bought white one during initial release date at a now-closed K-Mart)
* DSi
* PSVita
* WiiU (not sure if to kep or trade it for a Switch)
* SNES Classic

I might have others. Maybe the infamous Tiger R-ZONE with Sega's Indy 500 cart in a barn's attic.

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