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What system do you peeps have?

Jul 17, 19 at 11:16am

Hi all! I was just wondering if any of you peeps have an Xbox One, Playstation 4, or a Nintendo Switch? I happen to have all 3 and was wondering if anyone wanted to add me and just maybe become friends? I really need more peeps to play with and chat. I usually am the type to party chat while playing.
My Xbox Gamertag is: ItsTwistedOG
My Playstation Network ID is: ItsTwistedOG
I'll give out my Switch Friend Code separately becasue I'm not on it as much right now. I don't have very many games and I beat the ones I have :(

Jul 17, 19 at 11:19am

PC master race here, sorry~! Many hugs to you, though!

Charlie, Emperor of Audio commented on What system do you peeps have?
Charlie, Emperor of Audio
Jul 17, 19 at 11:19am

My brother hordes almost all of the consoles in his room so I'm stuck with the wii u or emulating.

Jul 17, 19 at 11:20am

I genuinely don't know
Tis a computer

(that cost a pretty penny)

Jul 17, 19 at 11:21am

PC Master race and ps4 for red dead redemption 2 before that it was not used since 2015.

Jul 17, 19 at 11:23am

buying 3 consoles but not having a PC. I detect a delusional peasant. Bring him to the infirmary!

Jul 17, 19 at 11:23am

Atari 2600

Jul 17, 19 at 11:25am

I've got a switch but don't have the online service, what a sad life I lead

Jul 17, 19 at 11:25am

An outrageously expensive PC that I sometimes wish I didn't spend so much on it. A PS4 that I play exclusives on, and a Switch cause everyone knows Switch is awesome :P

Jul 17, 19 at 11:32am

I DO have a PC but it's not built for gaming sadly :(
I have Steam I forgot to mention! I think right now my username is the same as the others: ItsTwistedOG
I started playing Doki Doki Literature Club about a week ago. I haven't got to the scary stuff but I know I will soon! In my honest opinion, Monika is terrifying!

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