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MO Fighting Game Community

Jun 24, 19 at 3:04pm

Next project

Devilman Etokki (Korean)

Jun 24, 19 at 3:28pm

If anyone wants to get a drubbing in Dead or Alive 6, lemme know!

Jun 24, 19 at 3:33pm

@space didn't someone challenge you once on DOA like a year or two ago?

Jun 24, 19 at 3:45pm

Yeah in DOA5. I don't remember who it was tho xD

To be fair, he hadn't played DOA5 before, but he liked fighting games, so he assumed if he practiced a little that he'd be able to beat me at least one game out of 50.

However, I'm not nearly as good in DOA6 as I was in DOA5.

Jun 24, 19 at 5:21pm

Finished my Devilman Etokki Omni (Korean)

Jun 24, 19 at 7:55pm

So is anyone getting Samurai Shodown? I got my copy preloaded and ready to go tomorrow. :0

Jun 24, 19 at 8:08pm

i would like to customize my Hori Rap 4 Kai too, and im only intrigued of samurai showdown since Za Regend ( Sasaki Kojirou from Fate series) look alike is there xD

Jun 24, 19 at 8:16pm

Ukyo Tachibana? Yeah, he even has Tsubame Gaeshi as a move. :0

Acacia commented on MO Fighting Game Community
Jun 24, 19 at 8:18pm

Oh yes! Sweet!

Oceania serv... nevermind. Why do I bother. XD

Anyway, Smash and Mortal Kombat!

Jun 24, 19 at 8:52pm


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