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MO Fighting Game Community

Jun 16, 19 at 3:27am

I’m not terrible at smash but I’m not good either, half the time lv 9 computers rock me. Most the time I just HOLD FORWARD N RUSH whole telegraphing moves. Also bad at landing things and my short hop games awful

Jun 16, 19 at 3:49am

I'm not a pro, and I'm not planning becoming pro, I just play for fun. there is a ton of stuff to learn in smash like this =P

Jun 16, 19 at 4:01am

(º﹃º ) That’ll take time to get down

Jun 16, 19 at 4:15am

If any of you wanna learn some fight game just message me and I'll give ya my discord or psn or whatever q:

redreaper33 commented on MO Fighting Game Community
Jun 16, 19 at 8:16am

@Onizuka blazblue's plot really makes me laugh, its so bad.

Jun 16, 19 at 12:57pm

blazblue's story was so confusing, but i do like most of the characters.

Charlie, Emperor of Audio commented on MO Fighting Game Community
Charlie, Emperor of Audio
Jun 16, 19 at 1:00pm

It's confusing because time travel is involved. Time travel makes everything more complicated.

Jun 16, 19 at 1:47pm

I mostly play PC.

Fighterz, Xenoverse 2, Injustice 2, UMVC3, MK X, Smash bros, Jump force, Tenkaichi 3, UFC. Live in Hazelwood MO

Jun 16, 19 at 2:17pm

Still waiting for a Guilty Gear vs Blazblue

Jun 16, 19 at 4:08pm

Time Travel makes the story kinda silly, hence marvel huehuehue

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