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MO Fighting Game Community


Amazing music and atmosphere, not much of a fighting gamer myself tho

Mar 08, 20 at 9:35pm



If anime fighting games is what your after, I'd say either BlazBlue, Skull Girls, or Persona 4 Arena.


to add ^ arcana heart 3 is an anime fighter with a 24 ? female roster, with all sorts of abilities. def worth a play, any of the versions is good, but the ps3 uk version is the one i played, the cover looks cool, and i like the overall feel better.


GranBlue Fantasy Versus just recently came out, so that might be a good place to start too


4th place in a chilean GranBlue online tournament

It's my second tournament so I feel proud xd


I'm not too spectacular at it or anything, but I play Blazblue Continuum Shift on Xbox 360 still lmao. I main Jin Kisaragi and I play it p often

I also own skullgirls and Blazblue (I think Chrono phantasma?) on steam on PC, but I suck at PC gaming


I need to get good. Smash is my only current fighter and some online matches just piss me off too easily.

Going to a local just may wait until I get better.

xtaichou @xtaichou commented on MO Fighting Game Community
xtaichou @xtaichou
May 06, 20 at 1:33pm

My custom stick I got from EVO last year!

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