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What gamer type are you?


I'm a mix between hardcore gamer, pro gamer, and import gamer. When I pick up a competitive game I usually take things to the level of seriously attempting to play at a competitive level. I've mainly participated in tournaments for fighting games though. :u


I tend to define myself as "hardcore", but instead of focusing on popular and mainstream games I focus on the obscure and abandoned and sometimes quite under-rated ones.
So I'm basically "retro, cultured, and hardcore".

Mar 11, 19 at 1:22pm

Research Gamer

Mar 11, 19 at 1:35pm

You better get into tournaments if you're that serious.

Mar 11, 19 at 2:07pm

Mix of import and indie gamer

Mar 11, 19 at 2:50pm

I dunno. I play a lot of genres on lots of platforms, I play old games and new games. I like those obscure forgotten games and games nobody is talking about and I wish they would get more love. I call out overrated mainstream games but I still play them a lot. I do research sometimes and I know stuff and trivia that the person doesn't know. I remember a lot of details too. Sometime I aim for best stats/gear but mostly I like to have fun.

Mar 14, 19 at 12:00pm

Have fun gamer


I guess I'd be a casual gamer now.

Mar 14, 19 at 11:31pm

A mix of hardcore and casual with a bit love for the oldies.

Mar 15, 19 at 12:07am

The non dedicated gamer. Someone who buys and plays a shit ton of games but can never just stick to one.

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