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Are mmorpgs a dying breed?

Nov 23, 18 at 11:51am

I agree that its the end of an era, but not for mmorpg's. I think gamers just want something different. They all do the same thing and we just want something a little different, but the same. *rolls eyes* I love Dead Frontier but I think they could improve on it. Give us something just a little different to keep going.

Nov 25, 18 at 5:27am

MMORPGs need to innovate heavily if they want the infatuation of it's fans. I've ranted about Sandbox MMOs before, but there genuinely aren't a lot of Sandbox MMOs out there and that's what I feel needs to be explored and defined more. Only Sandbox MMOs I can think of rn that were done soemwhat right were Star Wars Galaxies and Mabinogi, and SWG died long ago with fan servers holding it together still. Peria Chronicles seems to be the sandbox MMO I've personally been looking for, but we all look for different things. Last mainstream MMORPG I played and loved was Blade & Soul but mainly because the game's launch was so much fun and made a lot of friends who I never got any outside communication from... Big regretti...

Nov 25, 18 at 8:36am

I'mma agree with NepgearA. After some time, most MMO(RPG)s felt and played like one another. Could be just me, but grinding in one MMORPG to the next got boring within a decade. Seems like the most innovative games of the genre have survived for more than six years or so. Or maybe I just lost interest in any of those games after my friends and I could no longer grind in games 24/7; half the fun in those games is playing with decent people.

Nov 25, 18 at 6:08pm

I suppose that's true. I never did get to experience the comadarie in mmos. I always assume its mostly successful if you play w/ people from your real life. I've tried w/ just random people online in guilds and whatnot, but things don't seem to work out for me.

Nov 25, 18 at 6:16pm


wow was the best and its dying too
then again one could contribute that to blizz selling out

Nov 25, 18 at 6:20pm

So, I actually forgot to mention this in why I think MMOs will make a comeback, but I think the next resurgence of MMOs is going to be a VR game, when VR gets to the point where its both economically attainable, well optimized, and integrated into the right kinda project.

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