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Anyone still play old pokemon gens?

judgmentoftherain commented on Anyone still play old pokemon gens?
Jan 04, 19 at 7:28pm
This account has been suspended.

Blue version! Pokemon stadium counts?

Jan 09, 19 at 5:32am

Every so often I come back to play a gen 1-2-3 game. I've recently started a Gen 4 game because I was always playing Pearl back when it came out.

Jan 09, 19 at 9:24am

Crystal and silver are still two of my absolute favs. I love the gen two Pokémon. Raiku has always been one of my fav Pokémon

Jan 09, 19 at 10:05am

I try not to play the original red, blue, yellow, gold, silver, ruby, sapphire games because... Shit, I'd end up falling into heavy nostalgic related depression. But I still have them. And my game boy color still works.

Jan 26, 19 at 7:26pm

Silver! Still saves!


I've been going through Crystal again whenever I'm outside. But my absolute favorite gen has to be gen 3 for me

Jan 26, 19 at 9:34pm

I still play emerald, since I think you can catch most of the pokemon from that gen in there.

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