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Games You're Looking Forward To

I'm pretty sad to see Rockstar pulling the Bethesda move to milk a game for everything it's worth, but its no where near as bad. At least Rockstar can say they did Red Dead 2 following GTA5. You read comments on vids where people talk about how long it's taking to make ES6: Hammerfell and it gets depressing as hell. Some 67 year old guy that fell in love with the series saying he probably won't be alive to see it made. Bethesda is the worst.
bethesda will likely be getting their big triple a games out faster soon now that they are owned by microsoft and have more resources to work on their big games instead of having most of the company work on one game while small studios work on future games till the big game comes out and then they switch to working on the next big triple a title and i think elder scrolls 6 is the next one after starfall from bethesda and starfall i think comes out this winter
faster releases just tell me all i need to know. Basically cyberpunk 2077:dragonborn edition dragons clipping through building and trolls riding spiders. I also dont even think they have been working on another elder scrolls game since their big project so far has been that no man's sky clone.
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