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Games You're Looking Forward To

Ahh me as well for that one. Still love that I got to create my own pawn and definitely loved being a Magick Archer
Magick was indeed fun XDD also yeah the pawn system was one of the funniest thing i ever saw. So much trolling poor pawns just wanna make a living
https://youtu.be/zvborgKG7fw That last part with Supes got me in feels
Iron Giant finally got to meet Supahman :)
The sequel to Fallen Order
https://youtu.be/6QEYngAaQvw Yo!!!
Resident Evil 4 Remake!!!!
Made in Abyss Binary Star Falling into Darkness. A lot of people on YouTube thinks it looks rough, but I think it looks just fine. Besides, we don't really have much gameplay footage yet, and that's what matters most.
I'm literally counting the days till my collectors edition copy of the Sunbreak DLC arrives for Monster Hunter: Rise!!!! Been avoiding basically every spoiler I could as I usually do so I'm super excited!
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