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Games You're Looking Forward To

Man oh man. Fuck school, fuck work, fuck the waifu, fuck math, fuck y'all weabuus as well, fuck everybody! Hahaha! When this game comes out. Leave me the fuck alone. I ain't gonna be nothing but playing this game. Yeah I'm bias towards this game. I don't care. I need a PS5. Fuck! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xBHPdNPehZY
I was interested in playing Live a Live, but as a latin american it hurts my soul to pay 60 dollars for every game on the Switch. I've already bought some other stuff lately, so I guess it's going into the backlog for the future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0oOta9Lfts
https://youtu.be/2Tl3F3xYOMk If you're a dragon age fan... vid speaks for itself. 2015 rip
I was so close to romancing Solas but sometimes he went too emo so opted for Cullen instead with Dorian (correction) as my bestie.
@verucassault I wanted to ride the bull so..he was actual a bit romantic at times...solas was sorta poetic...and dark..just seem like a lonely love but yeah some emo there. Cullen was just very typical...sweet but predictable...blackwall was deep love ... Dorian was just funny.
Oh man I was interested in Bull but couldn't get past the fact that he was voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr, lol... not a bad thing, just goofy. He did a good job.
Pac-Man World Repac ofc I'm excited I've been waiting for another Pac-Man World for years people are shocked I'm more excited for Pac-Man then any other game series I like lol. Pac-Man I always mess with like shitttt I've played a lot of Pac-Man World from my childhood.
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