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Games You're Looking Forward To

Apr 10, 22 at 8:19am
https://youtu.be/j2DSEkYFRh8 Let's fuckin' go!
Apr 30, 22 at 2:32pm
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqK-1WGqYmI ahhh I'm excited for this
@jin67 reminds me of Chrono Trigger
May 03, 22 at 9:16pm
@projectotakux yeah, the team was inspired by CT and the music is also done by the same composer from Chrono Trigger. I just hope the game holds up well.
@jin67 I still need to play Chrono Trigger. Is the Ps1 port with FFIV a competent port? I heard bad things about the DS port and I dont have a SNES or SNES mini yet.
May 04, 22 at 2:24pm
@projectotakux The PS1 is the worst due to load times but it has the animated cutscenes which which is awesome. The DS version is probably the best version though bc of the extra content plus cutscenes. I haven't tried that one myself but there's also the Steam (PC) version is pretty good. I would highly recommend either the DS or the PC version. Original SNES is really good still to this day.
Dragon age 4. Jesus Christ man, it's been since 2015. We did get leaks and spoilers with the trespasser dlc in the last game Dragon age Inquisition. It's on track for release in 2023 as far as I know. One thing though... they better not kill Dorian. Hes got a major role in 4, which becomes more interesting if you romanced him in Inquisition. (Dorian's only available for gay Romance FYI) I would say Iron Bull, but he dies in Trespasser. (Sorry if that's a spoiler for anyone)
I too await Drage Age 4 but also I'll still forever wait for Bloodlines 2
Dragon dogma 2 for me… XDDDD
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