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Magic The Gathering?


I haven't before, but I'll take a look.


I highly recommend it! its great for play testing decks and playing with friend online during COVID

Sep 16, 20 at 5:58am

I play casual abzan mutate with my friends my comander is nethroi apex of death


I want an arcades deck, I play wtih friends on untap.in


Nethroi is solid for a newer deck. Hell, I'd be tempted to use it as a commander for a Godzilla themed deck.

Arcades is pretty slick. Throw something like crawlspace in there and just run control over all combat.

My big one right now is Oloro. I don't even need to bring him out of the command zone to reap the benefits. And when I do, i'm finishing up the game.


One of my new potential commanders just came in (thanks to Arc). I couldn't really decide on which one for how I'm trying to make my deck so I bought a couple.

Scarab God

I gen a lot of zombies but also try to keep a dig from the graveyard component if I need it.


Damn, those are good. You should take a look at Grave Titan, Diregraf Colossus and/or Ghoulcaller Gisa. Something like Elixir of Immortality help prevent you from milling yourself. Nearly infinite zombies.


I *think* I got Diregraf Colossus and Ghoulcaller Gisa in like the last 2 batches I ordered. In order to make these Dimir cards work, I have to disassemble my Liliana mono-black deck because it's all zombie-themed.


I just put it all together tonight and after looking at Phenax and Scarab God, it looked like Gisa and Geralf would be the best synergy I had with zoms. I did have Grave Titan, but not the Elixer or Diregraf Colossus. Going to look those up and put them in a basket. Thanks for the tip!


Good to hear. Oh, and pick up psychic spiral.

You'll see why.

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