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Monster Hunter World (ps4)


WHAT?! They scrapped that?! WHY?!
That looks absolutely AMAZING. A Swamp map would be awesome. You can even add in Duramboros.
The game seriously needs more Large scale monsters that are to a same scale as Deviljho.

Mar 31, 18 at 4:05am

Apparently something was wrong with the animation of the neck, it's sad really. Hopefully with how big the game is now, I hope they fix what was wrong with it, because it looks Fooking Amazing.

If I had to pick some monsters to return I'd go with: Barioth, Tigrex, Seregios, Brachydios, Fatalis, Rajang, Zinorge, Agnakator, Alatreon, Gogmazios, Nargacuga, Espinas, Gore/Shagaru Magala,

Mar 31, 18 at 4:22am

Though Brachy, Seregios and Zinogre are top of my list, here are some of my reasons

Brachydios- a beast Brute Wyvern that can give you a run for your money, could be amazing to see in-game (We need brachyDIOs vs DevilJOJO)

Seregios- Bleeding effect, plus him and the Bazel would get along just fine (we need more of this effect besides Odogaron) (Pinecone)

Zinogre- another Fanged Wyvern, a proper one. Plus must I say A THUNDER WOLF!

Gogmazios- a good choice for a siege battle like in 4U, plus his crazy movement when enraged

Fatalis- come on its the Fatalis, no other comment

Agnakator- would be nice to see this guy fight against the Lavasioth, plus it's awesome

Tigrex- we need it's brutality in the game, especially with how world is set up. Imagine this guy chasing you with ferocity into different parts of the map like Bazel and Jho

Barioth- we need another ice monster and the Barioth would be a good addition to the roster

Alatreon- I hate this guy, but I would love to see him nonetheless, especially with the unstable element use

Nargacuga- why not? If they can incorporate its swift movements in world, then alot of people would be in for a treat

Espinas- never played Frontier but I liked the design of this monster, i think we need another poison type monster

Gore/Shagaru Magala- more elder dragons(?) Plus adding the wyvern virus would be a neat mechanic, but the game would have to undergo a major overhaul

Rajang- Fast, Brutal, Unforgiving. We need this beast minotaur ape in world. Plus he's badass

And last but not least...

I'm kidding, get that world breaking hip checker outta here


I hate to be the bummer, but I don't see any of those monsters getting in with the current build.
None of the current monster skeletons we have match any of those monsters. Fatalis would be THE MOST plausible monster to come to the game when considering the monster skeletons we have.
Bird wyverns (1) - Kulu/Tzitzi (Pukei doesn't count because it's essentially a Rathian)
Fanged (2) - dodo/giros + Tobi/Odo
Brute (2) - Rado/Uragaan + Jho/Anja (I want to say Barroth is Jho or Unique but I think it's more Blos?)
Flying (3) - Rath/Bazel + Legiana + Blos
Piscine (1) - Lava/Jyura
Elders (3) - Teo/Daora/Hazak - Nerg - Xeno

You could argue Zinogre falls into the Tobi/Odo but I feel Zinogre's skeleton is still a bit different. Feels more like a Nerg skeleton with Tobi mechanics.

Mar 31, 18 at 10:48pm

wow i aint even close to Hr100 yet lol.

Apr 02, 18 at 7:21am

I can't wait for this game to be released in PC. Looks amazingggg. c:


I can safely say I've had over 1000 hunts under my belt. Feelsgoodman. I have the 500 hunts trophy from my old acc and currently sitting at 469 hunts on my current acc.

Gawdleee commented on Monster Hunter World (ps4)
Apr 03, 18 at 11:15am

Dang everyone is hardcore, it took me a week to get to HR7 lololol

Apr 03, 18 at 11:17am

Idk how much I have atm, I'll check


Officially back at HR 100

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