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Name the most frustrating game you ever played


I think it's spelled "LIVING". But, "lol" makes sense, too.


Agreeing with Arc for League of Legends. I loved the lore of that game and still think Kindred is a great character concept but was having my carpel tunnel surgeries at the time we were playing and my damn gimp hands were derping it up. Wouldn't mind trying it out again sometime now that I've gained back most my hand capabilities. On top of that I'm a controller bish. Hate using keyboards for games.


@a1ephy have you ever played control? I bet you couldnt even beat the mirror version of the main character. I at least got that far, shit i will buy you the game so you can eat yours words lol


@verucassault league of legends itself isnt frustrating, the shit balancing the dev team does ontop of the brain-dead players is what makes it frustrating. I played for 3 years and ultimately quit because they nerfed one of my mains back to back for 3 patches straight. But yasuo and other meta characters could one shot and never get touched. Not to mention the rune update, before that you could essentially play how you want, and run what you want. But they made it so you couldnt and had to pick their build path. I remember running attack speed teemo and shitting on kids nowadays thats a troll pick.


Spider-Man handheld.


Ninja Gaiden probably. That or I'm just bad.


@ikunikudiku I was literally coming here to post this lmao
The original one is universally known to be difficult but the one for the original xbox was a bit better but still hard as hell, especially if you didnt save like every potion through out the game.


I played ninja gaiden and got to a part where you fight these little purple dragon looking things. It was at that moment i put the game back in its case and there bit stayed

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