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World of Warcraft Classic

Nov 19, 17 at 10:11am
As someone who has been playing on the Blizzard-like vanilla private servers, I can honestly say the game has aged well and the game feels great. Is it a perfect game by any means? Not really, but none of that really has to do with the age, moreso due to design decisions back then. Personally I thought the PvP system was horrendous back then, I wouldn't mind if say, they put RBGs in place of that grindfest vanilla has now. That being said, doing that would actually upset some people as crazy as I think it is, and it's all a slippery slope. Bugs can definitely go away though, what little were left with the latest patch in vanilla. ^^; But Lamby, ground mounts are amazing for world pvp! xD Runescape actually isn't bad to take notes from I think. I loved that they released Oldschool Runescape, but I personally lost interest a little when they started making skills easier to train. I get the idea behind the polls, 75% positive is a lot, but at that point is it the true oldschool players wanting all those features in, or the newer generation wanting to make the old game more enjoyable for them? I don't want to see polls for WoW classic ever, please no. ;-; Edit: Having been on OSRS recently though, I do like some of the new content for sure, I like that they've made PVM much bigger, for instance.
reported for using private relms >w> were you part of the nostalrius server that blizz got taken down?
Nov 19, 17 at 11:20am
I missed out on Nostalrius, but I played on the fresh start Elysium server when Nostalrius and Elysium initially merged, now known as Lights Hope (shady dev stuff happened, people split up). I wouldn't be surprised if Blizzard intends to get some of those Nostalrius devs on their WoW classic team if they work out the whole work visa situation, especially since they decided to split off the Elysium team in support of potentially getting official legacy servers.
As an previous top 100 pve rogue, I really can't wait for vanilla servers to be back up again... current wow is just really bad and dumbed down and cross realm interactions ruined the things that were special about representing one server. Like LFR level raids should not exist.
Jan 02, 18 at 12:37pm
http://youtu.be/sWFfi2FKYrQ Hyyyype, I hope he's right about the release times, it somewhat makes sense... But this is Blizzard xD. Soon©
Jan 03, 18 at 6:00am
Although i absolutely loved vanilla. I’m the type that wants to continuously progress into new adventures. See and do new things, so i dont see myself trying one of the classic servers. Even though there are a numerous amount of flaws current and most likely BFA is going to have. Its hard to say no to new adventures. Hopefully blizzard gets their act together moving forward and don’t add in anymore BS push loot RNG gear other than mounts. BiS leggo turned out to be dumb af like getting all the legendaries that dont do anything while still waiting on the useful ones. Or in my case not getting the pantheon trinket yet while scrubs do and only allowing 1 shot at it per week when there’s normal, heroic, and mythic argus. Even though my guild isnt into mythic yet
I'm excited for them because I liked the old world better than whats become of the old content since cata. I'll play them for nostalgia, but I really want Wrath content. I'm actively doing raids with my current guild in Legion, and I'm excited to see Sylvanas' story continue in the next xpac.
Jan 09, 18 at 10:24pm
Jan 10, 18 at 6:03pm
Jan 12, 18 at 11:36pm
http://youtu.be/tp8B4GoPdy8 Watch around the 23 minute mark to see the awesomeness of vanilla WoW lol.
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