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Nov 21, 17 at 8:12am


From rocket league opening song


My favorite song ever QwQ
*sobs and starts hitting stuff*
(rip neighbours, i listen to it like at least 10 times a day >.>)
It is so calming, one day i was about to have a panic attack, but i had my headphones with me, so i played this and it passed.~

Nov 21, 17 at 8:51am

^ I love the Witcher OST!


Awwwwwwwwshit The Witcher soundtrack! The only game that beat out Inquisition as my favorite ps4 rpg, and the ENTIRE soundtrack is amaaaaaaazing!

And this caused me to start youtubing the soundtrack...


Hahren na melana sahlin
Emma ir abelas
Souver'inan isala hamin
Vhenan him dor'felas
In uthenera na revas
Vir sulahn'nehn
Vir dirthera
Vir samahl la numin ♡

Nov 21, 17 at 4:03pm

FF14 has had some of my favorite recent video game music honestly

Nov 21, 17 at 4:37pm

The main theme of Metal Gear Solid 5, this has to be one of my favorite themes from one of my favorite games in recent memory. It's scary to think of the hours I've poured into this game...

Nov 21, 17 at 7:19pm

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