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Video Game Music [Post your favorite]


Oh, it's really hard to choose only 1 track out of so many good ones, and I'm too lazy and too tired at the end of a busy day to summarize every single one.
But anyways, I guess that these might qualify as my top 5 picks out of dozens and dozens of tracks:

Enjoy! I hope that was neither too much nor too little for you guys to process.

Nov 01, 17 at 5:24pm

Lead Dickhead. commented on Video Game Music [Post your favorite]
Lead Dickhead.
Nov 01, 17 at 8:56pm
This account has been suspended.
Nov 02, 17 at 1:02pm

Inevitable Struggle (Arrange Version) - Zero no Kiseki

Nov 03, 17 at 2:29am

I use to listen to this ironically. Now I just love it for some reason hahahaha

Nov 03, 17 at 6:35pm

Putting this here before I sign off for the night just because it's so awesome. ^^

Nov 03, 17 at 7:01pm

^So awsome - like this track


Almost 100% Rusty Hearts before that went under. There's like way too many but that's one of the first that come to mind always.


For a mod made for Doom 3 of all games, this mod and soundtrack absolutely kick arse and is absolutely the kind of thing I want to hear when slaughtering thousands of demons with big, ridiculous and overpowered guns as well as possessing monstrously powerful demons! It's great!

As crap as the original Rise of the Triad is, the music is absolutely kick arse and I love this track in particular - it's so catchy :D

love4anime commented on Video Game Music [Post your favorite]
Nov 13, 17 at 3:25pm

Kingdom Hearts 2 has a nice soundtrack to listen too. The music is soothing in my opinion.

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